Thursday, December 27, 2007

Comfortable Cunnilingus Positions

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When experimenting with different positions for cunnilingus, remember to take into account the emotional aspects. Some women are uncomfortable with their bodies. They may want to avoid certain positions that seem unflattering. However, many men and women also find the visual component of cunnilingus to be part of the erotic thrill. Each oral sex position adds a new perspective. You can enhance the visual arousal with lingerie or different types of lighting. Aspects of dominance and submission also come into play. Whatever your desires, try to make your lover feel comfortable emotionally and physically so you can both enjoy cunnilingus as a sensual treat.

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What is your favorite or most creative position for oral pussy pleasuring? How do you get your lover Juicy with Joy?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sexual Treats Women Love

Do you want to delight and surprise the woman you love with a sexual treat that will have her craving for more? These treats are concepts that only require your time, loving attention and a desire to make your lover happy. Satisfying her needs with these pleasure treats will make her sexual urges for you grow beyond your wildest dreams.

Romantic Love and Affection
Allocate an entire night to dedicate to her pleasure. Cater to her emotional needs for closeness and caring. Treat her like a queen with a romantic dinner set with candles and soft music. Allow her to relax with no worries about daily chores around the house because you have taken care of them. Run a bath with bubbles or scented with flower petals so she can soothe tired muscles and calm her thoughts. Give her a full body and erotic massage with a fragrant oil (read up on how to do it if necessary). When you make love include a lot of kissing and caressing. During intercourse, keep the pace slow and sensual. Cuddling afterwards is mandatory and, of course, say “I Love You”.

Wild and Passionate Sex
Women don’t always want sex to be soft and romantic. Sometimes her animalistic desires just need to be satisfied. She wants you to take charge and sweep her off her feet with your masculine energy. Stimulate her lust with your passionate desires. Build her arousal to a fever pitch before penetration. Take charge of her pleasure with a wild abandon that builds intensity toward an explosive climax. Even if it is just a thrilling quickie, ensure she is satisfied and spent.

Fabulous Foreplay
Women generally take longer to get aroused compared to men. More stimulation is required to build toward orgasmic release. For this reason, good foreplay is important to ensure mutually satisfying orgasms. Great foreplay incorporates different types and combinations of emotional, intellectual and physical stimulation to create an utterly complete sensual experience. Spend time kissing, stroking, licking and sucking various erogenous zones (neck, ears, breasts, nipples, legs, fingers, clitoris, etc.). Enjoy pleasuring her in creative ways to build her arousal before, during and after intercourse. Foreplay is For Fun and is intended to be enjoyed by both of you.

Encourage Her to be Naughty
Women tend to be a little more restrained sexually due to social conditioning. Encourage your lover to release her inhibitions – help her give herself permission to fully express and enjoy her sexuality. This can be a little tricky but if you succeed in releasing her naughty nature, you will enjoy amazing sexual adventures together that will shake your world.

Ask Her What She Likes
It is curious that many men do not even discuss what their lovers truly desire. It is almost like they think they know. Women may not always be able to express their desires but asking with interest is definitely appreciated. Try getting feedback on different foreplay techniques you try (do you like it that way or this way?). Some sexual fantasies will always remain private but ask her to share some that you might be able to help make come true. And, if you want the truth, be prepared for some wild stuff with only encouraging and appreciative comments. Intimately sharing her mental thoughts can be more intimidating than sharing her body with you.

And finally, don’t forget to give her some mind blowing orgasms – multiples if possible. Discover how to stimulate her G-spot and learn the art of cunnilingus. Encourage her to use a vibrator with you during intercourse to create an orgasm with penetration (actually a fairly rare event for most women). Be creative with your sexuality and experiment with new and creative pleasuring opportunities whenever possible.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Fabulous Foreplay

It is well known that prolonged foreplay is essential to good sex. Extended pleasuring is one of the best ways to dramatically intensify your orgasm (or ensure you get one). And yet, lack of foreplay (quality and quantity) still ranks as a common issue for most couples. This is a shame. There are so many potential pleasuring possibilities available to enjoy.

Think of foreplay as a combination of various erotically stimulating activities. Anything that builds arousal and excitement. Good foreplay starts with the mind. Even hints of desire or sexy signals of your intentions can get your sexual juices flowing before you even touch each other. And when you do kiss and touch, let your arousal guide your physical intensity without rushing to climax. Create anticipation for your orgasms as you savour the sensual ecstasy of your intimate play. It may take a bit of time and energy but this adult play is intended to be fun. Take time to enjoy the experience each and every time.

Most people think of foreplay as a few kisses and licks on a few erogenous zones before intercourse. But great foreplay incorporates different types and combinations of emotional, intellectual and physical stimulation. Seductive mind games can keep your arousal simmering for days before you ignite your passions with intense sex. Or you can create the mood with slow and sensual physical pleasuring leading to more intimate lovemaking. Creatively mixing sensual and emotional stimulation is the key to keeping your sexual interests high.

With the right sexual signals, your brain and body can get excited and ready for sex very quickly. There are times when a quickie is what you both want and need but most other times sexual intimacy deserves to be an extended experience. When you make pleasure a priority for yourself and each other, all your intimate activities will be opportunities For Play.

  • What combinations of romantic, sensual and sexual activities would make foreplay absolutely fabulous for you?
  • What new pleasuring techniques can you incorporate into your foreplay repertoire?

Please leave any ideas you have to share. I will be sharing more Creative Orgasms Made Easy ideas here as well.