Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fun Sex Questions About BDSM Play

Daily idea for fun sexy questions to ask your partner:

What forms of BDSM play have you heard of and how do you feel about them?

There is a wide range of erotic practices that people engage in for sexual pleasure. Although you may believe some of your secret desires are out of the ordinary, they may actually be more common than you think. Many couples keep their seemingly deviant desires secret without even realizing that their partner has similar cravings. If you knew each other’s deepest erotic urges and discovered compatible interests, you would be able to satisfy both of your sexual desires. So ask each other sex questions about various types of BDSM play and start an intimate discussion about more exotic sex play. You may be able to spice up your sex life with an entirely new realm of pleasure possibilities.

Check out the JT Stockroom website and browse through some of the products together with your lover. See if any of their kinky sex products inspire your own BDSM ideas.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ass Play and Anal Sex

Daily idea for sex questions to ask your partner:

How do you feel about ass play and anal pleasuring?

Anal sex is a forbidden pleasure enjoyed by both men and women of all sexual orientations. The anal region is a very sensitive erogenous zone rich in nerve endings. Anal play can be extremely stimulating and intensely pleasurable for both of you. But not everyone is willing to explore this part of the body for various reasons. While some people find the taboo nature of ass play to be wildly exciting and naughty, others are disgusted by the thought and feel this kind of sex play is totally off limits. Certain negative reactions may be based on bad experiences, social conditioning or misinformation. If you’re curious about exploring various types of anal pleasuring, ask your lover some intimate questions about anal sex to see how they feel about it before trying anything. Take the opportunity to learn more about anal sex together and discuss your individual desires and reservations about this sensitive subject.

One of the main reasons people object to anal intercourse is the fear of pain. Relaxation is critical to great anal sex so take your time to enjoy lots of sensual foreplay first. This helps reduce stress and muscle tension so you can both fully enjoy the intimately erotic experience of anal stimulation. Here is an online how to have anal sex guide: Pain Free Anal Sex.

Favourite Oral Sex Position for Female Orgasms

Here is a video where you’ll discover some answers to any sexy questions you may have about oral sex positions for pleasure her. It outlines how to make cunnilingus more comfortable so you can both enjoy it longer and more often.

What is your favourite oral sex position for going down on a woman?

Please rate the video and comment on the video. You can watch it in HD on YouTube.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sexual Roleplay Games

Daily idea for fun sexy questions to ask your partner:

What kinds of kinky role playing games would you like to try?

Ask your partner sexy questions about various sexual scenarios they would like to role play as a fun way to spice up your love life. When you start an intimate conversation about sexual role play ideas, you may discover a few that turn you on too. These erotic desires may be inspired by sexual fantasies, steamy movies or spicy novels. Once you start talking about it, you'll naturally start to ponder how to act out these sexy scenarios. To make it more realistic, you can even get costumes, special outfits and various other accessories. You might even want to star in your own homemade porn.

wt ban33 Sexy Questions: Sexual Roleplay Games

Monday, March 28, 2011

Try Bondage Play Together

Daily idea for fun sexy questions to ask your partner:

How do you feel about experimenting with bondage?

Bondage play requires a great deal of trust in your partner. It can arouse very intense feelings. In the right context and mindset, bondage can be fun and exciting. But in other situations, it can be extremely distressing and emotionally upsetting. Ask your partner how they feel about experimenting with bondage and start an intimate discussion to get a sense of how they may react in different scenarios. Consider talking about how you would each feel being tied up and how you think you would act having your partner tied up. Talk about various sexual roleplay fantasies you would like to act out and discuss various restraint techniques. While a fear factor may add to the erotic thrill, you definitely want to eliminate any real dangers so talk about safety aspects of bondage play too. Do some research on it together to find out more. Remember to agree on a safe word.

If you're just starting out with bondage play, I highly recommend you get the Bondage Bedsheet. This velcro restraint kit for lovers is designed for light bondage so it feels less threatening for beginners who need to know that they can escape if they really feel the need to. The specially padded ankle and wrist cuffs are much safer than ropes or ties. They can also be quickly and easily moved to permit a wide variety of bondage positions.

If you think bondage play might be a great way to spice up your sex life, ask your partner a few intimate questions to see if they feel the same way.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Are You An Exhibitionist or Voyeur?

Daily idea for fun sexy questions to ask your partner:

Would you consider yourself more of an exhibitionist or voyeur and why?

Some people find it exciting to watch others having sex while other people get a sexual thrill from being watched. Asking intimate questions that get you talking about your sexual preferences for exhibitionism or voyeurism can lead to some fun ways for improving your sex life. You can take advantage of your desires to watch or be watched to increase your arousal like mental foreplay. Think of what kinds of hot sex games you can enjoy together that give you both a sense of naughty pleasure. Consider sexual roleplay ideas involving an erotic photographer and model. Roleplay sexual fantasies and make a porn together or even create masturbation videos for your lover.

To create your own self made porn, take a look at the book Make Your Own Adult Video. It’s a couples guide to making sensual home movies. Spice up your sex life and find out how to roleplay sexual fantasies in front of a camera.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Wild & Kinky Sex Play Questions

What are some kinky activities you would like to try and what are off limits for you?

Although not a good first date question, once you’ve developed a bit more trust together, it can be fun discussing what sorts of naughty fun you can have. When you playfully ask these types of sexy questions, it can be exciting to discover how sexually curious, mischievous and adventurous your partner can be. You’ll also find out what sorts of inhibitions you each have. Note that inhibitions may just be due to sexual inexperience, lack of knowledge or even misinformation about certain sexual practices. By having intimate conversations about wild or kinky sex ideas, you’ll get a sense of how your sexual relationship will develop.

If you’ve had enough talking and want to get down to some kinky sex action, check out our sex games package availalbe on Frisky Foreplay (Get it Here). It comes with hundreds of foreplay ideas for women and men organized into six intensity levels. The sexy ideas range from warm and loving to wild and kinky. The object of these couples games is to see how far you’re willing to go while enjoying a range of sensual pleasures along the way. Here is a teaser video:

Download this Hot Foreplay Game Now and enjoy intense and passionate sex tonight. Make sex better by making it more fun.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fetish Play & Kinky Sex

Daily idea for sex questions to ask your partner:

What kinds of fetishes have you heard about that arouse your interest?

A fetish is a reliance on an object, body part or activity in order to get off sexually. Directly asking your partner if they have a fetish may seem a tad inappropriate. But if you ask intimate questions about their awareness of fetishes and any interests they have, you may discover some erotic desires you have in common. Fetish play can be a fun form of kinky sex. Unfortunately you may also discover an intense fetish that you're not comfortable with. A fetish is different from normal sexual turn ons. Certain types of fetish behaviour can lead to relationship problems. If you do have a fetish, including this topic in your dating questions can help you find a compatible partner.

jtstockroom04 Dating Questions: Sexual Fetishes

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Creative Foreplay Ideas

Here is a video with sexy questions about coming up with creative foreplay ideas to improve your relationship:

These questions for couples are intended to get you talking about sensual ways to spice up foreplay for men and women. When you discuss your favourite foreplay tips and techniques, you'll become more open to talking about and trying new foreplay ideas.

Foreplay for women is an important part of sex since it helps create an emotional connection. Many women also need more sensual stimulation to become turned on enough for orgasm. Check out Turn Her On Faster to get even more sexual foreplay ideas.

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Erotic Adventure Together

Daily idea for sexy questions to ask your partner:

How kinky or sexually adventurous do you feel you are and why?

When dating, it's essential that you find out how open your partner is to exploring new sexual pleasures. Sex is extremely important for keeping relationships together. But good sex is more than physical intimacy - you want to engage your emotions too. Romantic, caring and sensual lovemaking will satisfy one set of emotions but you also need to experience the fun and thrill of sex too. You want to know if your partner is prepared to keep your sex life together exciting, interesting and fun even if it means getting a little dirty. So ask each other dating questions that'll get you talking about how naughty you're willing to be. Find out if you're about to enjoy a life long erotic adventure together.

If you're relationship needs a boost, take a look at the book A Little Bit Kinky. It's a couples guide to rediscovering the thrill of sex. Inspire each other to push past your inhibitions and savour new sensual delights. Discover how you can make your sex life sizzle with passion again.

jtstockroom04 Dating Questions: Sexual Adventure Together

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Unusual Erotic Desires

Daily idea for sexy dating questions to ask your partner:

What kinds of unusual things do you find erotic and get turned on by?

Everyone is unique in how their arousal circuits are wired in their brain. Of course a lot of what we find erotic and arousing is based on our biology (gender, hormones, genetics, etc.) but our experiences play a very significant role. Our mate selection preferences are heavily influenced by emotional impressions from our childhood. Some preferences may have been caused by intense events while others were subtly layered over many years. You might not even be conscious of why you are aroused by certain things. Regardless of how your erotic preferences developed, they define an important and interesting part of your personality. Although it takes a lot of trust to explore and share these intimate details with a partner, knowing what turns each other on can dramatically enhance your sex life together. But be extremely considerate and listen with an open mind when you ask intimate questions about deeply personal and sensitive topics like this.

When you discover and fully appreciate the unique erotic personality of your partner, you'll be able to inspire each other to enjoy a lifetime of passion. For exercises to help develop your sexual communication skills and discover what turns you on, take a look at the book Getting The Sex You Want. I highly recommend this book.

Monday, March 21, 2011

What's Kinky for You

Daily idea for sexy questions to ask your partner:

What kinds of activities do you consider to be kinky?

This is definitely not one of the dating questions you would ask your boyfriend or girlfriend on the first few dates. However as your relationship gets more intimate, these types of sex questions will help you discover how sexually compatible you are. This question is intended to start a conversation about different types of erotic activities that may be considered out of the ordinary. You’ll also discover how you each categorize various pleasure possibilities and the boundaries of your sexual comfort zones. Note that when someone thinks an activity is kinky, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to try it. These types of activities may just need to be set aside for when you’re both feeling especially naughty. For your normal lovemaking sessions you’ll know what’s best to avoid.

If you’re currently married or in a long term relationship, sexy questions about your individual thoughts on various erotic ideas can be even more important. As we mature, our attitudes about sex evolve. Inhibitions may have kept us from enjoying certain types of pleasure in the past but those very things may fuel our sexual fantasies and desires today.

womansexualdesires banner Dating Questions: What’s Kinky

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Increase Your Desire for Hot Love & Wild Sex

Here is a video posted to YouTube with the first week of daily sex questions:

This video includes sexy questions to ask your lover about new ways to increase desire for hot love and wild sex.

Dirty Sex Questions About Blow Jobs

Here is a new video posted to YouTube with some dirty sex questions about blow jobs:

I hope you enjoy it - it's very quick. Pick out one or two to ask your partner. For more oral sex tips, get the how to perform a blow job guide called Blow by Blow. You can download it and practice some of the tips tonight.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Role Play Fantasy Affairs

Daily idea for relationship questions to ask your partner:

What kinds of "adulterous" scenarios or fantasies would you consider role playing together?

Let’s shift from serious to fun sexy questions to ask your partner. Today’s relationship question is still on the topic of adultery or cheating but with a twist. Start up a conversation with your partner about how you can have an affair with each other. Think of role playing ideas that involve one or both of you pretending to be a forbidden lover. Explore some of your erotic fantasies and add a touch of sexual adventure to your love life. When you role play your adulterous sexual fantasies together, pretend there is a risk of getting caught by building in a sense of secrecy. When you’re bad together, it’s even more exciting.

If you’re new to sexual role playing, start off by using your erotic ideas for talking dirty to each other. You can even agree on some characters and text message each other as mental foreplay. Get each other in the mood and feeling frisky with thoughts of wildly wicked fun.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Stop Your Divorce From Happening

Daily idea for relationship questions to ask your partner:

Why do you think the divorce rate is so high and how can we avoid the same fate?

We’ve all read about the high divorce rates. You most likely know someone who’s gone through a divorce already (possibly yourself included). But even with these dire statistics, couples still want to get married. There is of course an almost equal percentage of couples that stay together and avoid getting a divorce. If you’re dating, romantic questions about marriage are bound to come up. But even if you’re already married, conversation questions about divorce can be even more valuable. Discussing your different ideas about how to build a strong relationship can help you both work toward a successful marriage.

Here is a TED talk about love with some controversial ideas that might influence your thoughts about marriage. It identifies new trends like the declining divorce rate and the rise of romantic love as a requirement for getting married.

If your relationship has broken apart, there is still hope. Click on Win Back Love and get your ex back.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Avoid Cheating - Be Happily Faithful Together

Daily idea for relationship questions to ask your partner:

How can we make sure we remain happily faithful and committed to each other in a long term relationship?

There are no guarantees in life but there are ways you can nourish, protect and grow your relationship to create a healthy and vibrant partnership. Everyone has different ways of thinking about how to keep your love alive. Unfortunately some well intentioned beliefs are based on fear and jealously which weakens and eventually suffocates your love for each other. Although you’ll want to identify and be aware of potential risks to your relationship, overly protective thoughts and actions create negative energy that eats away at your feelings of love and trust. Instead, try to answer these types of conversation questions with a focus on positive ways to increase your happiness and strengthen your connection. Also consider that a comfortable relationship that doesn’t change and grow eventually stagnates and dies. Think of conversation questions to ask each other about ways you can stretch out of your comfort zone and invigorate your love life even if it means taking a few risks together.

If you want to know the secrets of the most happy, loved and blissful couples in the world, check out the Relationship Collection. It has everything you need to enhance your relationship with more emotional intimacy, better communication and, of course, great sex.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Confess Cheating or Not

Daily idea for relationship questions to ask your partner:

If one of us cheated, do you feel it’s better to confess it or try to forget it happened and why?

Just like avoiding the act of preparing a Will, many people don’t even want to bring up the subject of cheating or think about how you would each deal with it. Infidelity in a relationship is an extremely sensitive subject tangled with intense emotions. You may feel vulnerable asking each other deep intimate questions about affairs or cheating but taking the risk to confront these issues can be a valuable exercise for couples. By confronting any fears you have together and openly discussing these types of delicate issues, you’ll build emotional trust that will give you confidence to tackle tougher problems that you may encounter during your life together.

Unfortunately, affairs and cheating are problems that impact many relationships. In order to repair the relationship or end it and start fresh, evidence of the indiscretion may need to be uncovered. If you suspect your partner is cheating on you and you really want to know for sure, take a look at How to Catch Your Cheating Lover for more information. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reasons to Have an Affair

Daily idea for relationship questions to ask your partner:

In your opinion, what are the key reasons that lead people to have extramarital affairs?

We all know having an affair hurts everyone involved yet it’s a very common problem endured by many couples. Usually there are signs that something is wrong in the relationship even though we tend to overlook them assuming the difficulties are temporary. But, by discussing what would cause either of you to have an affair, you can gain some valuable knowledge for how to make sure the need or desire never happens. Intimate love questions about your individual physical and emotional needs deserve some deep discussions. They can help you discover how to make sure you remain faithful and committed to each other in a happy, loving and long lasting relationship.

If you suspect your partner is heading for an affair, there are some things you can do to improve your relationship before a potential breakup occurs. Even if you recently experienced a breakup or separation, you can get your love back. Take a look at Get Your Girl Back or Get Your Man Back to find out how you can repair your relationship and improve your life together.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Is It Cheating?

Here is the daily sex question:

What activities do you consider "cheating" in a committed relationship?

Fears of infidelity can destroy a perfectly good relationship. Unfortunately cheating is not just about sex. It's more about breaking trust in a partnership at a deeper emotional level. Unfortunately there are many areas of trust in a relationship that could be broken. The problem is most couples don't clearly communicate their expectations or identify their individual perspectives. For example, masturbating, watching porn or even fantasizing may be considered cheating. There are various love and dating questions you could ask your partner to help start a discussion about this sensitive topic. You'll want a range of intimate questions to ask your partner about different aspects of your life together (love, sex, time alone, finances, friends, privacy, life goals, etc.). Check out 1000 Love Questions to Ask Your Partner and 500 Intimate Questions for Couples for more ways to start a relationship conversation.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Love & Affection Earns More Hot Sex

Here is the daily sex question:

What forms of affection and non-sexual intimacy do you want more of in our relationship?

Feeling loved and appreciated by your partner involves more than having sex on a regular basis. In fact, without various forms of physical and emotional intimacy that demonstrate caring and affection, your partner’s desire for making love may fade. Maintaining an intimate connection with hugs, kisses and touching (holding hands, cuddling, caresses, etc.) throughout the day is essential for keeping your passion fires burning. You also want to mix in a good amount of emotional intimacy that comes by talking, listening, flirting, being supportive and having fun together. Ask each other various love questions to find out what your expectations are and how you can make each other feel loved and appreciated. You’ll find your sex life improves too.

If your passion fires have stopped burning as hot as you would like, check out Win Love Back and see if you can re-ignite the love in your relationship.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Long Lasting Happy Relationships

Here is the daily sex question:

What do you feel are the keys to a long lasting, monogamous relationship?

A new survey suggests that the 7 year itch in many relationships is being replaced by a 3 year glitch. The article suggests that the daily pressures in our modern society are causing couples to become more sensitive to small irritations that used to be overlooked. These passion killers result in less emotional intimacy and less sex which can seriously affect your relationship. By asking relationship questions like the one above, you’ll be better able to focus on what’s really important in your relationship so it lasts longer and you’re both happy.

If you’re feeling any stress in your love life, check out the Relationship Collection. It has everything you need to improve your relationship with more emotional intimacy, better communication and, of course, great sex.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fun Foreplay Questions for Couples

Here is a very extensive list of fun foreplay questions for couples: Intimate Foreplay Questions

The sexy questions are grouped into sections: Quantity and Quality, Sensual Pleasures, Stimulating Erogenous Zones, Have You Ever Foreplay, Mental Foreplay, Wild and Fun Foreplay, Foreplay Possibilities. Use them to trigger your own ideas for fun sexy questions to ask each other. Try to come up with your own sex questions that will help you reveal new ways to improve your sex life.

First Sexual Experiences

Here is the daily sex question:

How do you feel about your first sexual experiences?

Your first time sexual experience can have a significant affect on all your future intimate relationships. But rather than asking a partner how they lost their virginity, focus on other first time erotic, sensual or sexual experiences. Each initial erotic or intimate experience contributes to how you think about sex. They all contribute in different ways to your attitudes about sex and how you feel about intimacy in your relationship. By asking your partner intimate questions about their first sexual experiences, you’ll get a better understanding of each other’s desires, preferences, inhibitions and fears.

For more enlightening relationship questions, get a copy of 500 Intimate Questions for Couples and discover new ways to improve your sex life.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lovemaking Versus Sex

Here is the daily sex question:

In your opinion, how is having sex different from making love?

Everyone has different expectations of what making love means when compared to the physical action of having sex. People have sex for many reasons and not all of them involve emotional intimacy normally associated with love and romance. By asking this relationship question, you'll be able to get insight into each other's attitudes and opinions regarding this important issue. For instance, due to time constraints and other pressures, your love life may include quick sex sessions that may be physically satisfying but not necessarily emotionally fulfilling. If one of you desire more quality lovemaking in the relationship, problems may develop.

Get 500 Intimate Questions for Couples and ensure you know the answers to these types of important relationship questions.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dirty Sex Questions to Ask Women About Oral Sex

I just posted a new video with some sexy questions about oral sex for her:

For more information, watch the SENSUAL VIDEO about mastering the art of female oral sex from Gabrielle Moore.

How Parents Affect Your Relationship

Here is the daily sex question:

What aspects of your parent’s relationship do you feel most influence you in our relationship?

As kids, we pick up a lot of information on how we should act and even think from our parents. How our parents interacted with each other in their relationship affects our behaviours and attitudes regarding our own relationships. We model some aspects of their personalities while doing the opposite for other aspects. By asking conversation questions about your parent’s relationships, you can start a discussion about how your own relationship will develop.

If you are in the process of starting a relationship, check out 1000 Questions To Ask Your Partner and 500 Intimate Questions for Couples. These relationship questions deal with a range of topics that you may not have even considered asking your partner.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sex Education

Here is the daily sex question:

What forms of sex education did you receive and how are you continuing to learn more?

Finding out how you both first learned about sex can be very enlightening. These early experiences influenced your current attitudes, beliefs and behaviours regarding intimacy and relationships. Also, discovering how open your love partner is to learning about new sex ideas is a good indicator about your future sex life together. There are always new foreplay tips and sexy ideas to explore together if you're both willing. Ask each other a few intimate questions about your current sex education and how you would like to improve your love making skills together.

The Guide to Getting It On is an excellent book for enhancing your carnal knowledge either alone or with your lover.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Having Enough Sex?

Here is the daily sex question:

How do you feel about the quantity and quality of sex in our relationship?

Based on general beliefs about men, you'd think most guys would want more sex in their relationship. However, various surveys indicate that many women are not satisfied with the amount of sex they are getting. By asking relationship questions about how you both feel about your sex life, you will be able to discover how important good sex is to your lives together. You may also find that you both want more sex and be able to work out ways to ensure your both more happy.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Giving Good Head

Here is the daily sex question:

What is your best tip or technique for performing great oral sex on a guy?

There are many techniques and positions you can use to make fellatio more enjoyable for both of you. Most guys love receiving a blow job even if it’s bad. But by learning about and discussing creative tips for how to go down on a guy, any woman can master the art of giving head. Ask each other a few sexy questions about your oral sex preferences and favourite techniques. As foreplay or as the main event, a great blow job will put a smile on any guy’s face.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Creative Foreplay Ideas With Homemade Sex Toys

Have you ever asked yourself or each other the sexy question: what can we do different to spice up our sex life? Sex toys and bedroom games are fun if you have them handy. But with a creative erotic imagination, you can find new sensual uses for many ordinary items all around your home. Check out the article Double Duty Delights to inspire your own sexual creativity.

More Foreplay, Longer Foreplay

Here is the daily sex question:

In what ways would you like to spice up our foreplay so it’s more fun and lasts even longer?

Although most women desire more foreplay in their sex life, they want a partner that enjoys it too. Foreplay should be fun, playful, sensual and pleasurable for everyone involved. Good foreplay is mentally and physically engaging for both of you. Mutually enjoyed pleasures help create emotional bonds that are essential for many women to feel sexually fulfilled. These moments of sensual intimacy are crucial to maintaining a healthy sex life together. So ask each other some sexy questions that will lead to thinking and talking about new foreplay ideas to try. Also check out our Frisky Foreplay Erotic Dice Game if you want some wild and kinky foreplay ideas to add to your bedroom fun. We also have a block on this site with many more fun ideas to spice up your sex life.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mental Foreplay to Turn Each Other On

Here is the daily sex question:

What forms of “mental foreplay” help you get in the mood for sex?

Ask each other intimate questions about what turns you on and discover how to get each other excited for sex without even touching. Using erotic sights, sounds, tastes and smells in various combinations will get you both thinking about hot sex together. Try flirting with sexy text messages to peak your lover's desire. Or try using hot dirty talk on the phone to get ready for a quickie when you meet up later.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hot Foreplay Questions

I just posted a new video with some sexy questions about foreplay:

People have a lot of different ideas about foreplay. It's generally assumed most men want to get straight to the action while women want more foreplay. Get the answers you need foreplay and you'll get more of what you desire in bed.

Art of Pleasuring Her Orally

Here is the daily sex question:

What is your best tip or technique for performing great oral sex on a woman?

There are many techniques and positions you can use to make cunnilingus more enjoyable for both of you. Every woman is unique in what she likes and how she likes it. Also, what works one day may not necessarily work well the next. Good communication is essential. Ask a few sexy questions about your oral sex preferences and favourite techniques. Start enjoying more juicy oral orgasms together.

Check out Gabrielle Moore's SENSUAL VIDEO about mastering the art of female oral sex for more information.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Avoid Erection Problems

Here is the daily sex question:

How would you feel and react when you’re about to have sex but experience erectile dysfunction?

Regardless of age or health, guys will experience difficulties getting an erection at some point. How you both react to this situation can have a very big impact on your sex life and your relationship. By asking intimate questions about sexual performance issues like these, you’ll be better prepared to discuss any problems and find solutions. And of course there are many other types of pleasures you can enjoy together if it does occur. For more information that will help you better prepare for this type of problem in your sex life, check out the Erectile Dysfunction Guide.