Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Male Sexual Performance Solutions for Improved Satisfaction

I was recently looking for some good Foreplay related Facebook groups to join and came across 40 Mistakes Men Make While Having Sex With Women. This particular item cracked me up when I first read it (funny part in bold):

Every man's fear with reason. If you shoot before you see the whites of her eyes, make sure you have a backup plan to ensure her pleasure too.
The image of my wife's eyes rolling back in her head during orgasm as an indicator of when I should shoot sent me into fits of laughter (had thoughts of a shark going for the kill and a demon possessed girl as in the Exorcist). The common perception is that guys generally ejaculate prematurely. But then comes (pun intended of course) the very next complaint:

It may appear to you that humping for an hour without climaxing is the mark of a sex god, but to her it's more likely the mark of a numb vagina.
Curiously absent from the main list, something men really do fear even more:

When you have a ready and willing naked woman in bed with you, failing to get an erection is an insult to her. She will feel there is something wrong with her (or take offense and ridicule you).
The penis is a strange, seemingly untamable beast which, at times, appears as if it has a mind of its own - especially to the person it is attached to. Except for a few self centered cavemen out there, most reasonably intelligent men genuinely care about their partner's pleasure. The "jokes" about male sexual performance can be funny if you accept occasional equipment malfunction and adapt to other mutually enjoyable pleasuring techniques. However, if you are afflicted by impotence, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, it is definitely not funny. And, you know that worrying about it tends to make it worse. It can get to the point where you even want to avoid sex altogether to escape inevitable embarrassment and criticism.

Sometimes, our "special friend" just doesn't want to cooperate due to our stress, physical or mental exhaustion, excessive drinking, etc. There are of course certain male performance issues due to biological problems that will require medical attention. However, unless you have chronic erectile dysfunction, there are other solutions that you can use. They can dramatically transform your sexual performance and allow you to enjoy more satisfying pleasure with your partner. Discover how you can improve your sex life with lasting change instead of quick fixes or avoidance. Make your sexual performance, mutual pleasure and your happiness together a priority – you both deserve it.

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, I urge you to click on Ejaculation Trainer now. Never leave your wife or girlfriend unsatisfied again. With the #1 Solution for Premature Ejaculation, you will see results starting tonight. Another excellent program is Orgasm Mastery. Combine this extremely valuable information with the Premature Ejaculation Hypnosis program for even better results. You will learn how to last longer and control your orgasm so that you are both completely satisfied.

And to obtain information regarding any trouble you may experience getting or keeping a firm, natural erection, the Erectile Dysfunction Guide is a must read. Combine the valuable information with the Cure Impotence Hypnosis program and reclaim your sex life.

If an unfortunate equipment malfunction does occur, take the time to pleasure your lover in other ways. Remember that only 30% of women have actually achieved orgasm during intercourse – and that does NOT mean every time they have intercourse either. Women generally take longer to work up to orgasmic arousal which is why foreplay is so important. In addition to mental stimulation to set the mood, oral and manual stimulation of her entire body is essential (not an hour of thrusting).

If you truly care about pleasing the woman in your life, sign up for the Female Orgasms Revealed report and Discover More Than 179 Proven Techniques And Positions To Give ANY Woman Multiple Orgasms! Learn amazing skills for giving her mind blowing oral and g-spot orgasms. Cunnilingus Lick by Lick is also an excellent resource. With these sexual secrets and skills, you will not need to worry about any performance issues – you will have the solution at your finger tips and on the tip of your tongue.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Secret Arts of Hot Erotic Talk - Talking Dirty is Hot Foreplay

Does the idea of dirty talk in the bedroom get you excited? Have you been asked to talk dirty while making love but are too shy to go for it? Or, do you want some hot erotic talk from your lover but they feel too inhibited to let go? You are not alone.

Talking dirty is not just about using naughty or even filthy words. It is about the erotic emotions and desires you want to convey and express. Sometimes you want to scream profanities in unbridled passion and at other times whisper the same words in public as a flirtatious hint of your frisky intentions. Think of the sultry whisper of a seductress, the harsh command of a dominatrix or the ecstatic moans of a porn star. You can seed your lover's erotic imagination with explicitly descriptive detail or seduce them with simple phrases spoken in a sexy tone.

Article moved to Secret Arts of Hot Erotic Talk and Talking Dirty is Hot Foreplay on the Sexy Suggestions website.

If you have been holding back using your voice as part of your arousal arsenal, learn to unleash its power now and be amazed at the erotic results.
  • For women, become a verbal vixen empowered to get the passionate sex you crave only in your wildest fantasies. Get your guy hot and eager with The Ultimate Guide to Talking Dirty.
  • For guys, learn the language of love with a suave, sexy voice and women will swoon with a lust for your sensual touch. Click on Learn Talking Dirty Secrets to seduce your lady and guide her fantasies to a satisfying climax.
Get started today and unlock the secret, exciting, sexual powers of your voice. Learn the secrets or aural sex today and enjoy hot mental foreplay. Naughty, dirty talk in and out of the bedroom will spice up your relationship in many creative ways.

For more information, click Talking Dirty is Hot Foreplay for guys or The Ultimate Guide to Talking Dirty for women. Discover how you can use erotic talk to spice up your relationship and make sex even more exciting. You will be absolutely amazed at the sexual pleasures you can unleash when you unlock the secrets of talking dirty.

Do you enjoy talking dirty in bed? What do you say to get your partner hot and ready for sex? Leave a comment describing your experience with erotic talk.

Dirty Talking Tips to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Friday, December 12, 2008

Get Frisky During the Holidays - 10 Randy Reasons to Have More Festive Sex

With all the hustle and bustle during the holidays, many couples tend to overlook their own pleasure. The spirit of giving should apply to yourself and your relationship as well. Not in a selfish way of course, but rather as a way to enhance your bond together so that you have even more joy and happiness to share. The holidays provide the perfect opportunity to get frisky with each other and have more intimate fun together. Here are 10 randy reasons to enjoy more sex during the holidays:

  1. You have more time to leisurely enjoy deeper levels of intimacy. Luxuriate in the subtle sensual pleasures of prolonged foreplay as you creatively explore each others' mind and body.

  2. When you have great sex you are happier with each other and toward other people. You will radiate a warm glow that will touch everyone you meet. You will indirectly share your love for each other and add more cheer to the holiday season.

  3. Adapt the 12 Days of Christmas concept into a creative challenge to have different sexual experiences 12 days in a row. Plan unique sex play ideas together in advance or spontaneously surprise your lover with a totally new sensual delight each day. Bonus points if you can include all activities from previous days building toward a spectacular climax. Keep the erotic fires burning through the holidays.

  4. Create lasting memories with a special new relationship building tradition just for the two of you. It can be simple and sweet such as slow dancing naked at midnight while kissing under mistletoe or extravagant like having sex together in a different city or country every year. Give yourself something naughty or nice to look forward to all year long.

  5. Plan a private, more intimate gift giving time with distinctly erotic intentions. Surprise each other with unique or exotic luxury love toys and accessories that convey how much you treasure the pleasures you share together.

  6. Get ready for an evening out two hours early then ravish each other while dressed up and looking your best. Have sex while partially clothed to make it even more exciting. Even if just a quickie, your sexy tryst will have you eagerly anticipating more fun when you return home. Also, it is a good reason to drink in moderation so you can keep your private after party going all night.

  7. Sex burns off calories and is an excellent exercise when done vigorously for extended periods. Enjoy feasting while knowing you will need the energy later to keep up with each other. Hot & sticky sexercise sessions for at least 20 minutes three times a week can be great for your health.

  8. Schedule time for sensual stress relief to break up the hectic holiday festivities. Great sex is an excellent way to melt away stress. Multiple sex therapy sessions during the day may be in order. If you don't think you have time for sex, reconsider, make it a priority and you will be amazed how good you feel.

  9. Savor chocolates, sweet liquors and other deliciously succulent holiday foods while thinking of naughty ways to incorporate them into your sex play. Secretly flirt and tempt each other with decadent ideas of oral arousal. Everything will taste even better when you whet your erotic appetite for each other.

  10. Challenge each other to have a simultaneous orgasm at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. You may want to rehearse frequently before the big event to get the timing right.

Sexual intimacy is essential to a healthy, loving relationship. Regardless of your reasons, take advantage of any opportunity you can to make love. During this holiday season, show how much you appreciate the one you love by spending more intimate time enjoying each other. Your gift of loving pleasure will be treasured. Make pleasure a priority and enjoy great sex together as often as you can what ever your reason.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Invest in Your Relationship

The markets are in turmoil, prices are sky rocketing, businesses are failing and jobs are being lost. These financial stress factors are causing a negative spiral that touches everything in our lives. Although we try to hide our worries, increased stress creates a tension between the people we love at a time when we need them the most. This is the time when you need to invest in your relationship.

When times are tough and getting rougher, couples are at risk of creating a divide between themselves. They unintentionally allow adverse situations to influence their feelings for each other. We tend to distance ourselves from people with a negative attitude. But, when we do this to our partners, it leads to subtle feelings of resentment, distrust, and blame (among others) that simmer and bubble into a toxic brew that eats away at your relationship. All these bad feelings can turn to depression, anger and even hatred toward the person you love. This can lead to separation, infidelity, divorce or worse. You need each other now more than ever. Provide each other mutual support to resist negative emotions. Work together as a team to build a life filled with an abundance of fun, love and happiness.

It is unfortunate, but, in a relationship plagued by external stress factors, emotional, sensual and sexual intimacy are the first to go (usually in that order). Lack of desire or even erectile dysfunction adds to the stress and tension. Sex of course is the best medicine - good loving sexual intimacy is healing in so many ways. Not only does it strengthen your emotional bonds, your body and brain chemistry are perked up as well. It brightens your mood and just makes you feel good. While an orgasm is the ultimate in stress release, all your moments of affectionate closeness and mutual pleasuring help you cope with the intense pressures of life.

So, rather than watching the news, turn off the television and focus on loving and pleasuring each other. Guard your happiness together like the treasure it is and invest in your relationship so that it prospers. Interest in each other is worth so much more than a bank can give you. As a couple, be aware of world events but remember that sensual intimacy together is more critical than ever for your relationship stability. The economy will work itself out so ensure your relationship weathers this financial storm.

Take a look at the relationship tips that Michael Webb offers in his Relationship Collection. Reading this information will be the best investment of your lives together.

Or check out some of his individual products:

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Anal Sex – Natural Sex Ideas

Beautiful images from nature can stimulate very erotic thoughts. These two flowers are from my wife’s flower garden. Even alone, the resemblance to certain erogenous zones is hard to overlook. Together, your erotic imagination gravitates to a single taboo, albeit very natural, sexual activity. With this picture as inspiration, let’s consider a few anal sex and anal foreplay ideas.

Article moved and updated with a sexy relationship game for couples: Naughty By Nature Erotic Game With Anal Sex Ideas What sexy ideas can you think of related to the picture above?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Locations to Make Love

Loch Ard Gorge Panorama picture from Wikipedia

Continuing on with the earlier Natural Foreplay Ideas post, here is a picture I stumbled upon that immediately conjures up interesting thoughts (at least in my dirty mind). It also ties in with a new article I recently published 69 Places For Passion - Lusty Locations to Make Love.

This article has been moved to Ideas for Exciting and Exotic Lovemaking Locations on our main site.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sexual Knowledge Equals Better Sex

I was browsing through the web using StumbleUpon and discovered a very interesting site called Cunnilingus: How To Eat Pussy. It is a very provocative site that includes a lot of useful sexual information combined with thoughtful research.

The introduction video expresses a philosophy of human sexuality that resonates with my own thoughts and feelings regarding relationships and the importance of sexual intimacy. Please take a look. I enjoyed watching her crack up through parts of it. Humor and sex is important too.

And, of course, her oral sex tips and techniques article is very well written too. You will enjoy her ideas. Take a look at the other articles on the site as well. With greater knowledge of our sexuality, we are more able to creatively explore shared pleasures with our partners.

Do you think you received enough sex education in school (not just the biology lessons)? What are your thoughts regarding how prepared people are going into a sexual relationship today?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Natural Foreplay Ideas

Great sex starts in your mind. What better way to keep the seeds of sexual desire flourishing than to stimulate it with various sources of erotic inspiration. Many beautiful and intriguingly erotic sights abound in nature. Consider the obvious resemblance of this flower and the succulent female erogenous zone - an aromatic, delicate blossom with silky smooth petals dewy and enticing. Let’s explore a few foreplay ideas using this flower for inspiration.

Passion Flower

Just like all the extraordinary varieties of flowers, a woman’s labia and vagina are unique to her in various and subtle ways. Take time to explore your lover’s genitals (or your own) to identify its unique characteristics throughout all the stages of arousal.

When aroused, the vaginal lips become engorged with blood. As her excitement and passion grows, she will blossom before your eyes. Take the time to observe the event as you delicately trace your fingers between her legs, inhale her scent and prepare to savor the sweet nectar within.

Bumblebee Buzz

Have you ever watched a bumble bee visiting flowers in search of nectar? Pretend your eager tongue is a bumblebee buzzing around your lover’s inner thighs, labia and clitoris. Your tongue flickers quickly as it explores all the petals searching for an opening. Probing and licking stimulates the flow of precious nectar. When she is ripe with desire, her blossom will open for your reward. Ultra lightly flick your tongue tip rapidly up, down and around her clitoris. Twirl your tongue around her clitoris while humming then slip it deep into her opening to taste her honey. Repeat until your queen bee is satisfied that every last drop has been sipped from this luscious flower.

For the really adventurous and tongue talented, consider flicking your tongue delicately over your lover’s clitoris to the beat of The Flight of the Bumblebee.

Clearing Some Bush

To fully appreciate certain types of flowers, careful pruning can help to reveal the true beauty of the blossom. Although not everyone is into shaving their pubic regions, trimming and shaping it can be very appealing. A nicely trimmed bush will showcase the labia - a sensual sight bound to stimulate mutual pleasure in many ways. Oral pleasuring may become a more frequent foreplay delight.

Shaving off your pubic hair can be very erotic. Shaving increases the sensitivity of the region. Oral activities become even more exquisitely sensual. If you are both shaved, slow, sensual intercourse is amazing. Gain emotional closeness and trust by shaving each other’s genitals.

Artistic Appreciation

Every woman wants to feel beautiful but many are self conscious about how their genitals look. Just as artists capture beauty all around us, show how attractive you find her by drawing, painting or photographing her special erogenous zone. Playfully create an erotic collection of close-up poses to admire. When using a digital camera, try different lighting and exposure settings - even black and white photos can look amazing. Pretend you are on a high end magazine photo shoot. An artistic eye can reveal subtle details and provide her with a new perspective of how you appreciate all her special features. Select a few especially charming pictures and transform them into elegant pieces of erotic art. Spend time to lavish them with loving care - make a few supremely sexy souvenirs that can be cherished together.

In Lick By Lick How to Go Down on a Woman And Have Her Begging For More, you will learn the delicious art of pleasuring your own passion flower. Male or female, learning how to naturally enjoy cunnilingus is essential knowledge and a skill that anyone can learn. Master the techniques of oral orgasms and gain a new perspective on the pleasure possibilities. Either way, this e-book will provide invaluable tips to enhance your loving skills.

What other foreplay ideas pop into your mind when you see the erotic image above? 

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Strippopoly – Swingers Game for Couples

Erotic-opoly or Sex-opoly seems like a natural adult extension to a very popular board game. If you are in a playful, frisky mood, you can whip out the game and slyly suggest a few twists to the rules. Almost everyone knows how to play the basic game and who can’t resist the lure of sex & money. Either alone with your lover or with a small group of intimate friends, an innocent board game can be transformed into a delicious game of stripping, foreplay, erotic dares and naughty surprises. Stimulating fun all around.

I have devised a number of erotic-opoly variations myself. But recently I discovered and purchased what I thought would be a great erotic game based on the popular game concept. Although Strippopoly is considered an adult party game, it did seem like it would be playable as a more intimate, foreplay style game for two. Nope – it definitely requires 2 or more couples to play. It does claim there are three levels of play so it can technically be played with touching between partners only or, for a “swinging good time”, with sexual touching among all players.

Hmmmm – what if you are comfortable talking and laughing about sex with close friends but are just not ready to strip down and perform in front of them (even if it is your secret fantasy)? A good naughty game might tempt people to reveal their sexually playful nature - in more ways than one. In the right situation and with just the right encouragement, you would be amazed what people will do to win a game. Even if you don’t all get stripped bare, you can still enjoy some frisky fun. Unfortunately, unless you are doing some serious drinking, Strippopoly does not have the right ingredients to spice up a non-swinger party.

That is, not without a few improvements. The basic Strippopoly game definitely has potential but it needs a few rule modifications and some enhancements to really bring it to life as both an intimate game for two and an erotic party game for more. Check out the full Strippopoly review and the Cyber SexOpoly transformation kit designed to make it even more fun. If you don’t have Strippopoly yet, check out the Frisky Business transformation kit for your regular board game.

If you already own a copy of Strippopoly, please let us know about some of your experiences playing it.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Delicious Marriage Intimacy: 10 Sensual Treats

Before you can spice up a marriage and inflame your passion, the basic ingredients of your relationship recipe need some attention. Spicy nights of steamy sex need to be tempered with sensual pleasuring sessions. By learning to enjoy the subtle sensations of loving intimacy together, you will both be able to more fully appreciate the full variety of erotic treats available to you. Sweet and delicious, hearty and satisfying, spicy hot or exotic and decadent, develop an appetite for everything on the sex menu as you sample and savor all the possible flavors of your intimate experiences together.

Make pleasure a priority in your relationship. Take time to enjoy each other with these succulent suggestions:

  1. Shower together. Give your lover a sensual scalp massage while you shampoo and condition their hair. Lather your bodies up with soap and slither and slide against each other. Caressing each other while slick with soap can also feel amazing. Sex in the shower may be a bit awkward but can be very enjoyable. Try using a detachable massaging shower head for extra stimulation.
  2. Have a bubble bath together. Arrange some candles, incense, soft music and maybe some chilled wine ahead of time. Set aside alone time for relaxing together in calm and soothing tranquility. Save the sex for later when you are dry and ready to cuddle in a comfy bed.
  3. Take hand in hand nature walks together. Find time to get away from the bustle and stress of every day life. Moon or star light walks at night, strolling along a beach or water front, secluded picnics by a stream, or just wandering through a nature trail are times together that will strengthen your bonds of love and affection.
  4. Enjoy food intimately. Prepare a tray with a number of different food items chosen for their texture, taste and smell. Include various fruit, syrups, whip cream, liquors and, of course, some refreshing drinks. One at a time, blind fold and feed each other samples with a focus on the taste sensation. See if they can guess what it is. Sensually apply some of the food to regions of your lover’s body then lick or nibble it off.
  5. Appreciate an appetizing aroma. An intoxicating smell can be very sexy and stimulate desire. Choose a favorite perfume and cologne that you each wear only for intimate nights together. Create a scent memory associated with romantic feelings that can get you in the mood in an instant. Play a perfume game searching your body for a secretly applied scent. Delicately stroke your lover’s face with a fresh rose bud or flower. Or just revel in your lover’s nature scent laced with sex pheromones.
  6. Enjoy a candlelight dinner together. Although dining out is wonderful now and then, preparing and cooking your own dinner together can be even more rewarding. Organize the meal items so that you can quickly get dressed in evening wear before dinner to make it even more special. Enjoy your food with soft music and candles to create a romantic atmosphere. And, if cooking at home, make it simple so there is little or no mess to clean up before enjoying each other.
  7. Slow dance naked together. In a dark room with the soft glow of candle or moon light, slow dance naked to romantic music. Gently stroke each other’s bodies as you hold each other close. Kiss each other tenderly with loving affection and gaze into each others eyes. These quiet moments of intimacy can be very emotionally fulfilling.
  8. Give each other an oil massage. The sensual feeling of fingers and palms gliding smoothly over oiled skin is highly erotic for both the giver and receiver of the massage. Although there are books on relaxing and erotic massage techniques, once you try it you will quickly discover what feels good. In addition to the obvious (back, shoulders and legs), give some attention to fingers, toes, chest and stomach before venturing to the eager erogenous zones.
  9. Indulge in the luxury of satin or silk on skin. Wear silky smooth lingerie for women and boxers for guys. Caress your lover through the fabric and enjoy the sensual feel as body parts slide and glide across each other. Get naked in bed with satin or high thread count sheets and make love together in style.
  10. Experience super slow motion sex. Rather than attempting to trigger an orgasm, focus on the sensations you feel during intercourse. Every twitch, throb and pulse. The warmth and wetness of your special union. Become aware of how even breathing creates subtle sensations in your loins.

Awaken your desires for sensual pleasure together and you will stimulate a renewed hunger for each other.

How do you create intimacy in your marriage?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Spice Up Your Marriage – 10 Ideas

Every one wants an exciting sex life however many couples discover their passion for each other slowly fades after a while. The initial hormone induced feelings of lust fueling many seemingly endless nights of lovemaking do eventually weaken. This does not mean your intimate times together need to be routine or boring. As you get to know each other more, it is actually the perfect opportunity to spice up your marriage with more intimate thrills. Take the risk to add a little creative sexual adventure and you will rediscover an excitement that will reignite your passion for life and each other.

  1. Read erotica together. Although the juicy letters in many adult magazines are great for quick fun, higher quality short stories and novels provide a richer source of erotic inspiration to stimulate mutual fantasies and real life activities. The settings and situations described may even stimulate a bit of role playing. Take turns reading out loud to each other. You will get more comfortable talking about sex and your own desires as well. Check out the Black Lace book collection for some great examples.
  2. Watch spicy and romantic movies alone together. Dirty movies have their place for bedroom fun but engaging movies with plots, characters, exotic situations and risqué adventure stimulate your minds more. Dedicated cuddle time watching a movie together helps to develop closeness with shared ideas for your own fun. The key is to discuss the movie before and afterwards to reinforce an awareness of how it stimulates each others desires and fantasies.
  3. Play couples games together. There are many adult, romantic, relationship and foreplay games available but any game for two will do. You can even add sexual forfeits to spice up your own favorite games. Go beyond just stripping and include an entire range of erotic treats to win. Add a sense of competition and reward good play with exceptional foreplay.
  4. Stimulate all your senses. Take a night and indulge in creative ways to enhance your lovemaking by focusing on various senses one at a time. Sound may involve background music, talking dirty or even absolute quiet. Scent in the form of perfume, cologne, incense, flowers and even food can be used to awaken or instill long lasting emotional memories and feelings. Seeing each other naked or dressed in sexy clothing under the soft glow of colored lights, candlelight or moonlight can add to your visual excitement. Experiment with different textures or touching techniques to heighten sensitivity over your entire body. Use foods, syrups, liquors and even flavored lubes creatively to stimulate your hunger for other sensual treats.
  5. Exercise together. Not only does exercise keep you in shape for great sex, it stimulates hormone production that increases your desire for sex. With more energy and stamina, your lovemaking can be more vigorous and last longer too.
  6. Have random sex. Agree to get lucky in love and take a chance to do something unexpected. Use some form of randomizing technique (dice, spinner, cards, ideas from a jar, lottery ticket numbers, etc.) to choose one or more erotic activities to enjoy. Include some of your favorites, some rare activities and maybe a few new ones that are a little more naughty than usual.
  7. Plan spontaneous sex. Either alone or together, plan a sexual adventure involving an impromptu meeting and mating. Always have contingency plans in case unexpected situations arise so you are not disappointed. By planning an erotic tryst in advance, you will also keep your mind open for opportunities for wild sex when ever they occur.
  8. Create a pleasure chest with delightful sex accessories. Beyond the standard sex toys, lingerie and leather, keep your eyes and minds open for regular household items with pleasure potential. Go sex shopping together and search for unique items that could be used for erotic and sensual stimulation. Consider the texture, shape, size, temperature and how it will feel stroking, tapping, scratching, rubbing, etc. on various areas of the body.
  9. Invest in a private love library. The more carnal knowledge you possess, the more variety you can add to your sex life. On going sex education is a good thing especially when you do it together as a couple and combine it with hands on experience. Make it a practice to buy a new sex book with new tips and ideas once or twice a year. Browse them and read interesting sections together so you are learning at the same time and can support each other trying out new ideas.
  10. Go out on dates together. Romantic, fun, exciting and relaxing escapes together all add different elements to your relationship. These are not necessarily times you will have sex together but you will definitely improve your overall intimacy and enhance your feelings toward each other.
Make your sex life a priority -- it is an essential component of a happy and successful marriage. It may take some effort but mutual fun and sensual pleasure will ensure your love lasts a good long time.

Please share some of ideas you use to spice up your relationship with your wife, husband or significant other. My wife and I would love to hear from you.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hot Games for Couples

The finishing touches have been completed and a new website has been launched:
Games for Couples - Spice up your relationship!

This website has been setup to provide couples with erotic games that will add excitement and fun into your relationship - the spice that will maintain or rekindle the intimacy and passion that keeps couples together. New game designs and detailed reviews of other bedroom games will be added. Check it out. If you have any suggestions for adult games to be reviewed or games you would recommend to others, please let us know.

Originally we provided over 20 exciting erotic games packaged together and available for download to add sizzle to your sex life. We've decided to discontinue this product and instead provide them in a book called Sex Games & Foreplay Ideas for Couples available from Amazon. You can get it on Kindle too.   These are not your standard stripping games. They encourage playful competition but sex is definitely on the menu. You're sure to score some frisky foreplay too - delicious tips, exciting activities and sexy ideas that will spark the flames of your passion.

The adult games include erotic variations of classic card, dice and board games as well as darts and billiards. There is a full range of sexy games to suit any desire and provide lots of opportunity for frisky fun.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Love Making Boot Camp - Intense Sexual Training

I have been a subscriber and regular reader of Gabrielle Moore's blog and websites for quite a while. She provides excellent information dedicated to helping men and women dramatically enhance their sexual pleasure. Check out her secrets at Female Orgasm Revealed and sign up for regular insights into an amazing world of intense sensual awakening. You will learn how to have better sex more often, more intense orgasms, multiple orgasms, g-spot orgasms and various other ideas and techniques to stimulate your mind and body.

And if you are really up for a sexual challenge, check out the introduction video for her up coming Love Making Boot Camp - 7 days of intense sexual training. You will not be disappointed (neither will your lover). It starts soon so check it out today.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fellatio - Blow Job Basics

F or play or for orgasm, going down & getting off feels fantastic
E nthusiastically engulf his eager erection in your warm, wet mouth
L et him look as your luscious lips and hot tongue slide along his cock
L ubricate his shaft sliding your luscious lips up, down and all around
A rouse his lust with alternate stimulation to other erogenous zones
T ickle and tease his testicles with your fingers, lips and tongue
I ntensify his pleasure stroking and pumping his penis with your hand
O utstanding oral orgasms come highly recommended for any occasion

In Blow by Blow Expert Tips on How to Give Mind Blowing Blow Jobs, you will learn how to enjoy the art of fellatio. This intimate act, when done well, will be appreciated beyond your expectations. As foreplay or sexplay, an orally pleasured penis is hard to beat.

Do you have an erotic acronym you would like to share? Try one, they are fun to create alone or together with your lover. Stimulate your mind and then your bodies.

Cunnilingus - Succulent & Tasty Treat

Moved to Cunnilingus Tips on the Sexy Suggestions website.

In Lick By Lick How to Go Down on a Woman And Have Her Begging For More, discover the delicious art of pussy pleasuring. Male or female, learning how to creatively craft climaxes with cunnilingus is essential knowledge and a skill that anyone can learn. Master the techniques of oral orgasms and gain a new perspective on the pleasure possibilities. Either way, this e-book will provide invaluable tips to enhance your loving skills.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Clitoris Foreplay

C aress her legs and thighs delicately with soft finger tips
L ick and kiss her inner thighs and all around her vulva
I nsert your tongue between her lips into her moist vagina
T wirl your tongue ever so softly and gently around her clitoris
O pen her legs wide and plunge your tongue deep in her vagina
R ecline, relax and revel in the succulent sensations of oral sex
I ntensify licking and stroking her clit as her arousal builds
S troke, flick and circle her clitoris with a sensual rhythm

This sensual bud of female pleasure is mysterious and magically alluring. Take time to tantalize her with light, tickling touches of your finger tips and then your tongue. Use feathery light tongue swirls and hot breaths on her clitoris to make her tingle and tremble with delight. Savor the succulent essence of her sex as you lavish her with oral pleasure. She will be juicy with joy.

Discover how to give women multiple mind-blowing orgasms every time...

Do you have any sex oriented Acronym Poems or Guides you would like to share?

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Erotic Games - Be a Player

Do you remember the fun and excitement you had playing board games when you were young? But now, as an adult, they may seem a little boring. Consider adding a spicy twist to the rules and make them Fun Foreplay again. Combine the rush of an intense competitive game with risque elements of erotic pleasure. With a bit of imagination, you can turn any ordinary game into an opportunity for great sex. And, with sex at stake, you both win every time.

Essentially any game for two (or more) can be enhanced using sex as a reward for the winner. To make things even more interesting, assign intimate activities to various types of events or outcomes in the game. For instance, landing on a certain spot earns a passionate kiss or scoring a specific number of points entitles you to a sensual treat. Once you get the hang of this, you will start thinking of all kinds of loving ideas that you can assign to each potential event in the game.

When creating an erotic variation based on one of your own favorite games, introduce a range of different erotic and sensual activities. Design them in a way that encourages each other to sample various types and intensities of stimulation for a total sensual experience. Include periodic, paced clothing removal -- being forced to strip adds to the excitement. Attempt to build the erotic intensity by escalating to more explicit types of sensual intimacy as the game progresses. More exotic activities could be assigned to rare events or as rewards for exceptional skill. Both you and your lover have many erogenous zones to play with so try to avoid excessive repetition of any specific sensual delight (unless you really, really like it). And, of course, write the activities down so you know what the stakes are - you don't want the wrong kind of hard feelings.

For shy or slightly inhibited lovers, playing a regular game together can help you both get into the mood. Prepare an inviting play area that suits the stimulating activities you have in mind (pillows on the floor in front of a glowing fire with candles, wine and soft music is good). Then slyly introduce foreplay rewards and forfeits into the game. With any luck, you may need to finish the game after a round of great sex.

Some example erotic game ideas based on classic board games are described below:

  • Sexy Sorry! is an erotic variation of Sorry! It incorporates stripping and intimate activities when you bump your lover. When you send them back to the start, saying Sorry! just isn't enough - apologize with sensual loving. Assign each card number a specific pleasuring technique to use to sooth and excite. And, when you get a piece home (in bed waiting), your lover strips off an article of clothing in anticipation of activities to come.
  • Erotic Risk is a risqué game of world conquest and domination for lovers that leads you through an increasingly more intense sequence of foreplay activities. The ultimate goal, of course, is to dominate each other and have fun doing it. Foreplay activities are performed when you capture countries from your lover. As the conflict escalates and more card sets are turned in, so does the intensity of the foreplay. You will strip yourself bare to gain an advantage. Win by conquering all the countries of the world. The victor receives the spoils of war and becomes supreme ruler with corresponding rewards.
  • Queens Gone Wild is an erotic variation of chess with a special focus on the queen. It incorporates stripping and foreplay activities based on how the queen is played. And, as with many women, in this game she gets to play again and again. Although the ultimate goal is to mate the king, playing with the queen makes this game more interesting. When a queen takes a piece, delightful pleasures result. When a queen is taken, even more fun takes place. Queens have the ability to come again and again - for a price. Getting your naughty queen back in the game will have you stripping to pay the ransom.
  • Erotic Monopoly is an erotic adaptation of the classic board game that allows you to buy happiness in the form of physical stimulation. Rather than renting houses, you build pleasure parlors and sell your special services. Sensual activities are performed when a player lands on your properties and pays the appropriate fee. Each side of the board corresponds to the level, type and quality of services available. As the monetary stakes increase with property improvements, so does the intensity of foreplay. You win when your lover has no money to pay for love and must sell their services to you. (See Frisky Business Game for another variation)
  • Going Down Getting Off is a Snake's & Ladders variation we have developed for sale. In this game you will enjoy each other totally as you find new and delicious ways to get off. Rather than snakes (flacid penises or slippery slits?) and ladders (erect penises or shapely legs?), pleasure portals will transport you all around to explore each other's erogenous zones.
Full rules and erotic activity samples are available - just click on the links for each game above. For other foreplay games see Forfeits Foreplay.

Erotically spiced games provide an exciting and fun way to creatively introduce new foreplay ideas into your sex play. Sensually playful games help to increase your desire and anticipation for Great Sex. These classic board games with a sexy twist can help pace your stimulating activities and make foreplay fun again. And, even though you know the erotic possibilities at stake, not knowing exactly in what sequence or how often creates an element of delightful surprise. The competitive nature of the game combined with just the right amount of strategy helps build the sexual tension (for a more intense release later). Pick a pleasure game that both of you will enjoy and have fun playing together with or without sex involved.

For more ideas on creating your own sex games, check out the adult board game design website.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Frisky Business - An Erotic Game

Finally! I just finished designing and packaging an erotic variation of the Opoly style games called Frisky Business. The design was originally intended for people who obtained a Make-Your-Own-Opoly kit and didn't know what to do with it. A sexopoly game is an obvious thought for most adults with a healthy sex drive. But, when you get right down to it, creating a good sexopoly game can be tricky especially if you want to include some risque activities like stripping, licking and sucking. From my play testing and comments from people who have seen it, this game may be just what you are looking for.

Frisky Business
The image below shows a Make-Your-Own style product enhanced with the Frisky Business design files after printing, cutting out and applying.
Sample Frisky Business Game
Night clubs, cyber sex sites, massage parlors, escort agencies, porn studios and brothels are at your finger tips. In this service sector, you will be amazed what players will do to get a head. Play with your lover or a group of intimate friends. Buy, sell and trade Frisky Businesses while performing and enjoying special erotic services. Attempt to strip other players of their money (and clothing) in your lust to control the entire sex industry. Experience the joy and exhilaration as other players shed their assets and expose their tender bits to be manipulated for your pleasure.

Frisky Business is an entirely new erotic game experience designed to enhance your adult play options:
  • Sex Worker cards with four sex activities inticingly titled to stimulate your erotic imagination
  • Includes a generous amount of sly erotic humor to stimulate your mind - your most important sex organ
  • Male & Female Foreplay cards include a rich set of game play activities to keep you entertained all night
  • Foreplay cards include optional erotic activities to encourage frisky behaviour when money is tight
  • Special rules ensure you can get a head even when you are flat on your back
Although intended for the make-your-own version, I decided to include design elements to retrofit the standard game boards too. I also included a special sheet of Dirty Money bills that add a special flavor to the game. The game does require a bit of effort to print, cut out and assemble all the design elements. When you are done, take the credit showing it off to your friends.
Check out the Frisky Business game and let me know what you think. I will be creating expansion sets for special types of erotic activities to add even more spice to the game. I know you will enjoy this game. Have fun playing it.

Also take a look at our Adult Board Game Design website for more ideas on creating your own sex games.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Feeling Beautiful & Sexy

As mentioned in an earlier post, I subscribe to the newsletters from Michael Webb (a.k.a. “The World's Most Romantic Man”). A recent email had the following reader question and a request for helpful ideas:

I don't feel as beautiful as I once was & I have low self confidence & it's been 2 years since I had my first child & my spouse says "I'd rather be with a fat chick that wakes up and says she's beautiful every morning than with a hot chick that thinks she isn't beautiful" any tips for that?

I use most of your tips but do you have any that would help me feel sexy or that would help heat things up for me?

Not Feeling Beautiful
This question and request has piqued my interest – it is hard to be frisky and playful unless you feel sexy. Not feeling beautiful, sexy or attractive seems to be a common issue in many relationships at some point for both men and women. We all feel insecure for various reasons. And it is not always about body image as many people would expect. Focusing on our body defects is our defense mechanism to avoid more subtle yet significantly more important issues.

Before reading the rest of this article, listen to this excellent, high energy song. It identifies a key characteristic that attracts and turns people on – expressive enthusiasm.

I Like The Way ... by Body Rockers:

Feeling Sexy is an attitude pure and simple. Achieving, maintaining and enhancing this mental state is the tricky part. Without a positive attitude and robust self confidence, it is all too easy to fall into a negative spiral. Rather than looking to reinforcing your sense of self worth, it becomes easier to accept, internalize and rationalize any evidence of personal failure or disappointment. But, if you explore your true sense of purpose you will gain the enthusiasm and passionate energy to quickly rise from this downward spiral. Instill within yourself a sense of purpose in life and you will automatically obtain the confidence and power to feel and be sexy.

Effectively, to feel sexy you need to find your passion, pursue it and thrive on it with vigor and enthusiasm. Take time to relearn what you truly desire – uncover suppressed dreams and aspirations. Take a mini vacation or go some place completely different from your normal surroundings to stimulate creative thoughts and self reflection. Make an effort to rediscover you. The joy and happiness you create by investing in yourself will renew your self confidence, increase your personal power and energize your life. Feeling good about yourself will make you more attractive than ever.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - such a powerfully true statement that most people forget when it comes to their physical appearance and attractiveness. We are conditioned to believe certain body characteristics are desirable. But our true sense of beauty is individually unique – comprising a complex mixture of so many subtle nuances of shape, proportion, color and even movement. Unlike a piece of artwork, people stimulate more than our sense of sight. They dynamically interact with us physically, intellectually and emotionally. There are so many sensory variations but we each selectively focus on certain features and characteristics. We filter out, selectively ignore and even imagine things. When someone finds you attractive, it will be due to a combination of many sensory inputs intermixed with their own shifting thought patterns. This is not something you can ever hope to influence, control or fully understand. But you do have the power to influence your self, how you view yourself and how beautiful you feel.

Learning to ignore social conditioning about what is considered beautiful can be difficult. Weight (body fat) seems to be one of the biggest issues both men and women struggle with. Most issues are usually due to their perception of how others see them. Rather than worrying and stressing out about how others think (usually clouded by their own issues), focus on your personal health and fitness instead. With proper nutrition and regular exercise you will feel better while also increasing your overall energy and vitality. Combine this with fun and exciting recreational activities to enhance your emotional well being and your outlook on life and yourself will improve dramatically. Interestingly enough, with good nutrition, regular exercise and personal fun, you will also renew your sexual energy and automatically start Feeling Sexy.

Some people may suggest that your spouse should provide more compliments and loving attention to boost your self esteem. Genuine affection and appreciation are critical components of a loving relationship, but solely relying on another person for your happiness is self defeating. If for some reason the level of affection your spouse provides decreases, your happiness evaporates possibly at the very time they need your support. Then you both enter a downward spiral where negative moods and behaviors reinforce each other potentially destroying your relationship. Everyone has mood cycles but if you both raise your own self esteem, the dips are less intense and of shorter duration. And, combined, your relationship will have a greater potential for positive reinforcement and growing success.

The above tips are not overnight solutions but are extremely important. There are some quick and easy things that can be done immediately to get you started Feeling Sexy again:
  • Take some quiet time to relax (soothing hot bath, candles, incense, soft music) by yourself with no interruptions (kids, phone, etc.).
  • Pamper yourself (either alone or with your spouse) with an extra special treat such as a professional massage, romantic dinner, exotic adventure.
  • Ask your spouse to handle the daily chores fully for one day so you can totally unwind and mentally prepare for a romantic encounter. (Cross train each other so you can both have a recuperation day)
  • Ask your partner to participate in an activity with you. Time together will strengthen the bond between you. Accomplishing something together can be rewarding but be warned that some couples just cannot work together well. Choose an activity you will both enjoy.
  • Flirt with each other – mental foreplay is just as important as physical play.
  • Read erotic romance novels and short stories – cultivate your own frisky sexual fantasies.
  • Ask for cuddle time with your spouse, hugs and kisses (30 seconds or more) actually stimulate the release of rejuvenating chemicals in your body.
  • Bee pollen crystals and other natural supplements can boost your energy and vitality.
  • Savor and enjoy eating a variety of good food (tasty and nutritious) including fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Go for walks in the sunshine (preferably a natural setting) – Vitamin D makes you feel good and is necessary for your health. Walk alone or holding hands with your partner.
  • Share a bottle of red wine with your partner while relaxing – apparently good for the heart and increases sex drive in women. Dark chocolate before bed may also help.
  • Ensure you are being romantic during your preferred time of day (morning, afternoon, night). Adapt your schedules if necessary to ensure your playtime is right for you.
  • Go out and have fun your way. Enjoy laughing and playing with family and friends. Or watch a comedy privately so you can laugh out loud and fully enjoy it. Remember to smile often – it can even trick your brain into believing you are happy and make it so.
  • Masturbate specifically to learn or relearn what turns you on. Concentrate on relaxed sensuality and personal exploration. Also, good orgasms tend to encourage you to want more. Taking control of your own sexuality empowers you to desire more quality sex with your partner.
  • Purchase some sexy clothing for in and out of the bedroom – clothing that flatters your body shape, makes you feel comfortable and suites your desires.
  • Transform your bedroom into a romantic/erotic sanctuary – a place where you can escape from daily stress or anxiety. Eliminate anything that triggers non-sexy thoughts.
  • Ensure you get enough uninterrupted sleep (7 hrs minimum).
  • Just do it! – have sex even if you don’t initially “feel” like it especially if it has been awhile. Only stipulation on this tip is that you give yourself enough time to “get into it” – quickies are more appropriate when your excitement levels are already on the verge of exploding.

Note that all these tips are about you. Avoid doing things for someone else – kids, spouse, parents, friends, etc. Others will benefit as a side effect. Do it for you and only YOU!

As an aside, the comment from the woman’s spouse is a not so subtle attempt to tell her that he thinks she is hot but complains too much. And more importantly that he finds a positive attitude to be beautiful. Implying that “fat chicks” are not hot in the same sentence unfortunately reinforces her insecurity. He was most likely referencing her own focus on her post child bearing weight gain. Emotion tends to filter out the logic in the statement. Both men and women unfortunately associate extra curves with ugliness directly or indirectly by comparing people (and themselves) to artificial standards. Only you can stop the cycle by appreciating all your positive traits, improving what you can and accepting what you can’t. And of course know the difference and truly understand what is really important – health and happiness.

How do you help yourself or your partner Feel Sexy & Beautiful?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Foreplay Games - Intimate Love Play for Couples

To maintain both the quality and quantity of sexual intimacy in a relationship over time, couples need to play together more. While growing up, play was a fun and natural way to learn and develop important skills. It may sound strange but, as adults, we still need to play and have fun learning and interacting. For couples, sensual love play not only encourages more intimacy, it stimulates deeper levels of communication and bonding.

Foreplay games for lovers are designed to encourage intimate exploration of mind and body. They provide a means to introduce new sensual activities and topics of discussion in different combinations. Even in mature relationships, many people find it difficult to introduce new erotic desires or talk about sensitive subjects involving their sexual needs. With cards and dice, foreplay games offer up sensual ideas in random sequences and in different combinations. By agreeing to play a game and adhere to the rules, even timid lovers will push their boundaries and overcome some of their sexual inhibitions.

And, of course, sensual stimulation during your foreplay fun will lead to amazing sex play. Prolonged foreplay and extended pleasuring are the best ways to dramatically intensify your orgasm(s). Foreplay games not only pace your pleasuring, the random sensual activities during the game play will help intensify arousal and build excitement.

Not all erotic games will suite your interests but there is an extensive variety to choose from. Certain types focus on intimate communication and sensual exploration while others encourage more sexual variety and risqué fun. It is curious however that many foreplay game designs tend to dilute the thrill and challenge of competitive or skilled play. With an appropriate sexual forfeit or reward, a passionate desire to win can be very stimulating (see Forfeits Foreplay for a list of competitive erotic games including full rules). Keep an eye out for creative games that might help spice up your sex life. Try playing a few adult games with your lover and see if you enjoy experiencing random acts of pleasure together.

There is always something new to discover about yourself, your lover and your relationship so love play is important regardless of your age. Whether in a new or mature relationship, couples need to make intimate play a priority and take the time to have fun with each other. Couples that play together stay together is not just a trite cliché but rather valuable words of advice. What ever games you play, fun times together will increase your joy and happiness and improve your life in many ways. Have fun and enjoy each other with a creative sense of adventure.

We have developed a number of foreplay games specifically to help couples play together more and experience a greater variety of pleasures. Our Frisky Foreplay erotic dice game is very popular with over 200 hot foreplay ideas for each of you. Click Here to get it today. It also comes with the Fooling Around game as a bonus. Also take a look at our newest erotic game called Going Down Getting Off that you can download and start playing tonight. And check out the Adult Board Game Design website for more ideas.

If you enjoy playing foreplay and sex games, please leave a comment describing the types of games you like to play and what makes them enjoyable (or not). What makes a foreplay game good in your opinion?

I am also intrigued that foreplay games for Gay & Lesbian couples are rare or non-existent. Is there a market for these types of games?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Double Duty Delights

I subscribe to Michael Webb’s newsletters on romance and love making tips. He is the author of a number of relationship enhancement products I promote on my websites as well. Check out the products below and sign up for the newsletters if you are interested.
His recent newsletter included a contest/challenge that piqued my sexual creativity interest. The essence is effectively:
There are so many ways you can spice up your marriage bed without going out to a special store for items … send a list of 10 ordinary household items that can be creatively used in a passion session. You need to explain their use too.
List of foreplay ideas moved to Double Duty Delights on the Sexy Suggestions website.

This contest is similar to my Sexual Creativity Stimulator concepts:
  • Shopping For Sex: any store can be viewed as a source for sexual accessories. The available products may not be designed for sex but many can be easily adapted or modified for your pleasure. Consider special uses for groceries, hardware, regular toys, games, crafts, fabrics, furniture, etc. Examine items from a pleasure perspective: how will it feel or how can it be used to stimulate each other?
  • Tactile Tactics: the texture of various objects can provide amazing sensual pleasures. When used erotically, even mundane items can be used for intimate delight. Consider different types of materials (soft, squishy, hard, smooth, coarse, etc.) or objects with sensual, stimulating shapes. Experiment and explore various erogenous zones over the entire body. Also see how the sensations change when your lover is blindfolded.
  • Double Duty: although not specifically designed for sex, regular household items have the potential to be used for pleasure. Consider the texture, shape, size, temperature and how it will feel stroking, tapping, scratching, rubbing, etc. on various areas of the body.
Let me know what you think especially if you try any of the ideas above.

No Need to Buy Sex Toys - Ideas for Sensual Play

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Enjoying Erotica Together

Sexual material intended to arouse, titillate, educate and inspire has been around since the dawn of human history. Until recently, erotica has been primarily the prized possession of only the wealthy or ruling classes. Throughout the ages, paintings, sculptures and literary works of art have depicted our sexual nature in all its forms. From romantic and beautiful to mysterious and fanciful to nasty and depraved, great pieces of artwork have the power to trigger strong emotions and stimulate our imagination. How you perceive and react to this erotic material is a reflection of your self and your own secret desires and fears.

Openly sharing your thoughts, feelings and desires with your lover can be more intimate than sex itself. It is a delicate subject. It may even be intimidating to face your own thoughts and feelings. But, with a playful attitude, various types of erotica can be used to introduce and explore many diverse sexual topics with your lover. Erotic literature and art can be a valuable source for new ideas to enhance your sexual enjoyment together. There are various genres of erotica to suite your personal preference, stimulate specific desires or satisfy a certain need:
  • Randy Readers: Erotic romance novels and short stories for women are becoming extremely popular for both sexes. The Black Lace series, for example, are very well written and their popularity is encouraging more. Although reading is generally a solitary activity, sharing snippets of the storyline can be enough to draw your lover into the fantasy with you. Short erotic stories for couples are also available that can be read out loud to each other. Collections of sexual fantasies are available to inspire your own or reassure yourself that others have similar thoughts. Nancy Friday’s books include a broad range of sexual fantasies from men and women. And of course, there are magazines with letters depicting erotic activities and sexual adventures. Whether real or professionally written, these stories can be entertaining either way.
  • Carnal Knowledge: Modern sex manuals and how to guides usually come with some juicy descriptive text segments and full color pictures or illustrations. Browsing for and discussing new sexual ideas that pique your interest is a great way to expand your sexual repertoire. Ideas that get a positive reaction can be tried right away or mentally stored for future fun and games. Try picking a book and have your lover choose a page number randomly then experiment with an idea on that page.
  • Prurient Paintings: Drawings, illustrations and paintings in various media depict human (and non-human) sexuality in all sorts of realistic and fanciful forms. Erotic art from various countries, cultures and historic time periods may stimulate your interests and may even provide the inspiration for a roleplaying fantasy. Use the erotic imagination of the artist to stimulate your own wild thoughts. Discovering how each other interprets the image can be enlightening. Accentuating your bedroom with special pieces of erotic art can turn it into a pleasure den – a constant reminder of your passionate desires. Or, purchase a few erotic art books or electronic collections for periodic browsing now and again. Each viewing will stimulate new desires.
  • Sensual Sounds: Although most people are visually oriented, many prefer aural stimulation. Erotic audio programs are available with guided sexual fantasies complete with sound effects. The Cyborgasm CDs utilized 3D sound technology that can immerse you in the experience. Although you may be able to enact the story as it progresses, mutual masturbation or oral sex while listening together can be just as thrilling. Try two headphones connected with a Y-splitter. Even a background porn sound track can be exciting while having sex together.
  • Films & Photos: Pictorial magazines and adult videos are the mainstream types of erotica. Although pornography has a bad reputation, it does serve a useful purpose in many intimate relationships. The market has shifted to include more female oriented content with an emphasis on quality. Romantic, erotic and hard core adult films and still images are available to suite the level of explicitness desired and almost every conceivable sexual activity you could imagine. Animations and special effects are being used to visually explore the very wild side of eroticism. While not every one will like the same type of material, exploring different types and styles of visual entertainment together opens the possibility of discovering something mutually enjoyable.
  • Physical Beauty: Statues, sculptures and even smaller sexual artifacts can be erotic. Body art and fashion (including lingerie) can also be stimulating. Sensual dance, risqué performance art and even live sex shows are other avenues for erotic adventure.
Not all erotic art will arouse you directly but may just trigger interesting thoughts and sexy ideas. Like it, love it or leave it, at least be open to experimenting with various types and styles of erotica. With an open mind, the power of choice and an enthusiastic sense of adventure, a wealth of erotic possibilities are available for you to discover and enjoy.
Consider creating your own erotic art together. Highlight what you find beautiful and attractive about your lover or yourself. Take a life drawing or digital photography course together and practice expressing yourselves as artist or subject. You can use a computer paint application to enhance your work before making a print to hang on your wall. Or create a slide show for your digital picture frame. Alternatively, try crafting an erotic story, poem or screen play detailing one of your fantasies. You can even film your own erotic scenes and use video editing software to create a sexual master piece. Have fun making and enjoying your erotic art together in what ever form you desire. The more you think about sex together, the more you will want it together.
Appreciating quality erotic art in all its forms should be encouraged. Some artists will push against boundaries and restrictions while others will unfortunately have their talents for creative eroticism suppressed. It can be extremely rewarding to enjoy erotic art with your lover. Becoming aware of how and why you respond to specific nuances of the material will give you insights into each other’s erotic nature. And, with a greater, more intimate understanding of yourself and your lover, you have the foundation to build a better relationship together.
What is your favorite type of erotica and what makes it special for you?