Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Sex - Pleasure Ideas for the Holidays

The holidays are a special time for giving and being with family and friends. But don't forget to spend extra quality time being intimate and loving with your partner. Make pleasure together a priority. Keep each other stress free and glowing with the joy of great sex. Here are some ideas to inspire your Christmas Sex during the holidays:

C uddle on a blanket in front of a glowing fire then make slow romantic love

H and job with lube as the finishing touch to a relaxing and sensual massage

R oleplay a fantasy or exotic sex scenario using costumes and accessories

I nsert sex coupons into your gifts with instructions to use by end of year

S ex toys that slip and slide are great gifts of pleasure (luxury love toys)

T rust your lover as they tie up, blindfold then tickle, tease and tantalize you

M eet at a hotel for a risque rendezvous leaving all inhibitions at home

A llow more time for extended pleasuring with frisky foreplay and fun sex games

S ilky lingerie, sexy stockings and high heels kept on during sex in candle light

S hower sex while sensually slithering and sliding against each other's soapy body

E njoy exciting each other exploring every erogenous zone until you explode in ecstasy

X rated movies of yourselves using a new camcorder or pose for dirty digital pictures

Happy Holidays

Friday, August 21, 2009

Creative Sex: Improve Your Relationship & Your Brain

Wow! It turns out great sex can actually improve your brain and keep you healthy. A great sex life is critical to the health of your relationship too. Best of all, there are fun & creative ways you can improve both at the same time. Not only will you improve the quality of your love life, you will look and feel younger too.

Article moved to Sex On Your Mind on the Sexy Suggestions website. It discusses the benefits of neurobic sex exercises to help improve your brain and your body.

Your brain is your most important sex organ - keep it fit and healthy with creative sex that stimulates both your mind and body. For more ideas, download the Frisky Foreplay game with over 200 novel ideas for each of you. Playfully engage all your senses in pleasure.