Saturday, September 20, 2014

Frisky Foreplay Games for Couples Available on iPhone/iTouch

To help you spice up your relationship with foreplay ideas, we've converted one of our best selling sex games into an app for the iPhone/iTouch. Frisky Foreplay is a hot dice game for intimate, loving couples. It challenges you to perform erotic activities based on what you roll with three dice. You play through an arousing sequence of pleasuring activities that intensify toward a wild, explosive climax. This sexy dice game encourages you to try various types and intensities of stimulation for a total sensual experience. Your fun comes in how well you perform the foreplay challenges and how far you're willing to go. The game entices you and your lover to explore and push past your sexual comfort zones into new erotic territory. It's a great way to add hundreds of delicious foreplay ideas to your bedroom play.

We've also priced it much lower than our original game so even more couples can play it together and enjoy each other in wonderfully new ways. It's designed for the iPhone but works on the iPad too.

There are six levels of play that range from Warm and Loving to Wild, Nasty, Kinky and Taboo with lots of juicy foreplay ideas in between. You can set the foreplay intensity level at any time or allow the game to automatically increase it as you play.

Random Sexy Foreplay Ideas for Couples

Now Available!
Frisky Foreplay Game on the iPhone/iTouch
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You can access all the Frisky Foreplay ideas randomly using the dice rolling interface. Just select the maximum intensity level you want and generate a foreplay activity to perform. Tap the button with your name to start the dice rolling and tap again to get a pleasuring idea to enjoy. In this random foreplay idea mode, there are no turn limits or game logic controlling how the activities are performed.

You can also use the random idea feature just to spark your erotic imagination or to spice up other games you like to play. For example, use the Frisky Foreplay dice when playing board games together. Perform the activities when certain game events occur like landing on specific spots or capturing pieces. Increase the level as your sex game heats up. You can even use the activities as forfeits during all kinds of other couples games that you like to play or watch together.

Get Frisky Foreplay on your iPhone today and be ready for some random sex anytime you want to play. For more information see Frisky Foreplay App Details. You're sure to love it.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why You Should Ask Your Lover Intimate Sex Questions

Have you ever wanted to talk to your partner about sex but never found the right way to start the conversation. Check out this video and see how a book of fun sex questions could help improve your relationship while adding some sizzle to your sex life.

See how much sexy fun you can have talking about your love life together. Enjoy hot talk for even hotter sex tonight. See how many questions you can get through before ravishing each other.

If you have a Kindle or the free reader app on the iPad, you can download the ebook version right now. Just click 469 Sex Questions for Couples and see how easy it can be to have a hot conversation with your partner about the sex you want and need to be truly satisfied. You’ll both be glad you did.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Vibrator Foreplay Ideas for Couples

The video below is a light hearted look at how many couples view sex toys in their relationship. Unfortunately many people are still embarrassed about masturbating with or without sex toys especially if they are in a relationship. Instead of revealing their true sexual nature, they hide their sex toys from the person they are being physically intimate with. Self pleasuring is still an important sexual outlet even in a relationship. But why not use any and all pleasure devices available to explore your full sexual potential with your partner as well. Watch the video and then take a look at all the foreplay ideas you can explore together using a vibrator to enhance your pleasure.

For lovers who want to make sex more fun, check out the Frisky Foreplay Ideas blog post Vibrator Ideas for Couples. You'll discover over 30 sexy ideas for using a vibrator together as foreplay to help make your orgasms more intense and pleasurable. Sex toys are great for masturbation but they can be even more fun when used together in and out of the bedroom. Surprise your partner with a new sex toy for couples and experience new types or erotic pleasure together. Spice up your sex life and improve your relationship when you gain the confidence to share your adult toys and enjoy hot sexual fantasies with the person you love.

Click Here to Visit Frisky Foreplay and get our erotic dice game for couples. Download it today and discover even more ideas for sexy fun in and out of your bedroom.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Oral Sex Question: Cunnilingus Tips

Have you ever wondered how to give the best oral sex for women? Here is video with 10 good cunnilingus tips that apply to almost every oral sex situation. Although not specific techniques like flick your tongue this way or that, these how to eat pussy tips will make sure that you enjoy oral pleasuring longer and more often.

With these tips you’ll be able to give your lover a good licking and enjoy deliciously juicy orgasms any time you have a craving for hot oral sex. For the full text version of the video visit the post on sex questions for couples.

Be sure to ask your girl which cunnilingus techniques she enjoys most and how she wants you to go down on her. Also encourage each other to experiment with creative oral sex play and learn how to have even more pleasure together. Inspire your desire for oral ecstasy with more detailed, lick by lick ideas from the Sex Expert Gabrielle Moore – click on the banner below and sign up for some hot sex ideas.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Learn to Kiss Better Together

Daily idea for relationship questions to ask your partner:

How did you first learn to kiss and what else would you like to learn about kissing?

Most people don’t flat out tell you that you’re a lousy kisser until after your relationship ends if at all. Wouldn’t it be better if you could find out about the quality of your kissing before your relationship breaks down? You may not even realize you’re a lousy kisser or what you can do about it. But rather than directly asking your partner if you’re a good kisser or telling them they suck at kissing, ask intimate questions about how they learned to kiss and what else they would like to know about kissing. As you talk about your past kissing experiences and what you’ve learned, lead the conversation to how you can both learn to kiss better and stay together.

If you’re even a tiny bit worried about your ability to kiss well or would like to teach your partner how to kiss better, take a look at the Ultimate French Kissing Guide. Discover secrets of how to french kiss and make out with sensual passion. Keep the love and intimacy alive in your relationship.

frenchkissingsecrets Relationship Questions: Learn to Kiss Better

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to Improve Kissing

Daily idea for relationship questions to ask your partner:

In what ways do you feel we can improve the way we kiss?

Early in your relationship, you may have spent a lot of time kissing and fondling each other even if it didn’t lead to sex. Many couples recall this time in their relationship fondly. Unfortunately, as a relationship matures, the amount of kissing drops off especially when it’s not leading to sex. Even during foreplay, there may be less focus on the sensual pleasures of kissing. Ask your partner a few intimate questions about kissing to find out how you can improve the way you kiss. By talking about it together you may discover if it’s a matter of how you kiss, how often, when, where or for how long. You may even agree to experiment with different techniques to make kissing even more fun.

The sensual intimacy and emotional connection you experience while kissing is very important to many people. Without it, the love in your relationship may start to fade. Even if you believe your relationship is fine, why not add more romantic, affectionate, sensual, erotic and passionate kissing to make it even better. Take a look at Kissing 101: Your Complete Guide to Kissing Tips and Techniques and learn how to become fantastic kissers together. Discover intimate secrets to perk up your passion for each other in and out of the bedroom.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Be a Fantastic Kisser

Daily idea for relationship questions to ask your partner:

How important is a good kiss and how can someone learn to be a better kisser?

For many people, quality kissing is essential for a satisfying relationship. Unfortunately for many couples, the amount of kissing drops off as the relationship matures. This lack of intimacy may lead to a drop in the amount of sex you have and eventually to a break down in your relationship. So ask each other some intimate questions to explore how important kissing is and if necessary how you can both learn to become better kissers. By talking about it, you can identify what you can both do to improve your kissing style and enjoy the sensual pleasure of kissing more often.

Take a look at Kissing 101: Your Complete Guide to Kissing Tips and Techniques and discover how you can become a fantastic kisser. Learn intimate secrets to perk up your passion for each other in and out of the bedroom.

Intimate Questions to Stimulate New Kinky Sex Ideas

Here is a video with more kinky sex questions to get you thinking and talking about creative new ways to spice up your sex life and perk up your passion. A number of related sex resource links are included below the video.

For beginners to bondage play, check out the Bondage Bed Sheets - it’s a special bed sheet and velcro restraint kit that quickly transforms your bed into a bondage play area. The ankle and wrist cuffs are much safer than ropes or ties. They can also be quickly and easily moved to permit a wide variety of bondage positions. The velcro attachments hold firm yet allows you to get free if required.

Browse JT's Stockroom online for a wide range of erotic toys, bondage devices and roleplay accessories. For an online how to have anal sex guide, see Pain Free Anal Sex . Spice up your sex life with the Frisky Foreplay Game and see what kinds of kinky sex ideas you're willing to try tonight. Or check out the sex fantasies for couples website for erotic role play ideas to add some hot exciting drama to your bedroom games.

500 Intimate Questions for Couples has more intimate dating questions and marriage questions for couples. Create a deeper emotional connection with your partner and enhance your love life today.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kinky Sex Pain Play

Daily idea for kinky sex questions to ask your partner:

What sorts of pain play would you like to experiment with?

It may seem weird but pain play during sex can be erotically stimulating both for the person giving it and the one receiving it. If you are interested in SM activities, ask your parter some intimate questions about what kinds of pain play they might like to experiment with. Kinky sex ideas involving pain as pleasure include sensual spanking, light biting, scratching or hair pulling. More advanced erotic pain practices might involve hot wax, nipple clamps, floggers, paddles and even piercing needles. For these more extreme erotic practices, learn as much as you can about it so you can play safe. Even if actual pain is not something you desire, try reading some BDSM erotica together and enjoy it in your sexual fantasies.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Role Reversal Gender Play

Daily idea for fun sexy questions to ask your partner:

How do you feel about role reversal and gender play?

Being kinky sometimes involves playing with social conventions and behaviour expectations. Sensitive subjects like gender play and sexual stereo types can be exciting to mess with. Role reversal can be as simple as switching from an assertive or dominant role to a more passive or submissive role in the bedroom. Gender play takes role reversal a little further but can even involve roleplaying different sexual orientations. These types of kinky sex play may be a great way to add a twist to your sex life. Ask each other some fun sexy questions to get a sense of how you each feel about exploring your wild side.

Visit JT Stockroom for gender bending roleplay accessories (strap-on, packer, vaginal prosthesis, etc.) and Wicked Temptations for sexy outfits suitable for any dress up games you want to play.

For an interesting sex fantasy with a twist, see Call Me a Call Girl which was inspired by the iLoveRandomSex app and a lottery ticket number.

jtstockroom03 Sexy Questions: Role Reversal Gender Play