Sunday, April 27, 2008

Love Making Boot Camp - Intense Sexual Training

I have been a subscriber and regular reader of Gabrielle Moore's blog and websites for quite a while. She provides excellent information dedicated to helping men and women dramatically enhance their sexual pleasure. Check out her secrets at Female Orgasm Revealed and sign up for regular insights into an amazing world of intense sensual awakening. You will learn how to have better sex more often, more intense orgasms, multiple orgasms, g-spot orgasms and various other ideas and techniques to stimulate your mind and body.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fellatio - Blow Job Basics

F or play or for orgasm, going down & getting off feels fantastic
E nthusiastically engulf his eager erection in your warm, wet mouth
L et him look as your luscious lips and hot tongue slide along his cock
L ubricate his shaft sliding your luscious lips up, down and all around
A rouse his lust with alternate stimulation to other erogenous zones
T ickle and tease his testicles with your fingers, lips and tongue
I ntensify his pleasure stroking and pumping his penis with your hand
O utstanding oral orgasms come highly recommended for any occasion

In Blow by Blow Expert Tips on How to Give Mind Blowing Blow Jobs, you will learn how to enjoy the art of fellatio. This intimate act, when done well, will be appreciated beyond your expectations. As foreplay or sexplay, an orally pleasured penis is hard to beat.

Do you have an erotic acronym you would like to share? Try one, they are fun to create alone or together with your lover. Stimulate your mind and then your bodies.

Cunnilingus - Succulent & Tasty Treat

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In Lick By Lick How to Go Down on a Woman And Have Her Begging For More, discover the delicious art of pussy pleasuring. Male or female, learning how to creatively craft climaxes with cunnilingus is essential knowledge and a skill that anyone can learn. Master the techniques of oral orgasms and gain a new perspective on the pleasure possibilities. Either way, this e-book will provide invaluable tips to enhance your loving skills.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Clitoris Foreplay

C aress her legs and thighs delicately with soft finger tips
L ick and kiss her inner thighs and all around her vulva
I nsert your tongue between her lips into her moist vagina
T wirl your tongue ever so softly and gently around her clitoris
O pen her legs wide and plunge your tongue deep in her vagina
R ecline, relax and revel in the succulent sensations of oral sex
I ntensify licking and stroking her clit as her arousal builds
S troke, flick and circle her clitoris with a sensual rhythm

This sensual bud of female pleasure is mysterious and magically alluring. Take time to tantalize her with light, tickling touches of your finger tips and then your tongue. Use feathery light tongue swirls and hot breaths on her clitoris to make her tingle and tremble with delight. Savor the succulent essence of her sex as you lavish her with oral pleasure. She will be juicy with joy.

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