Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sexual Knowledge Equals Better Sex

I was browsing through the web using StumbleUpon and discovered a very interesting site called Cunnilingus: How To Eat Pussy. It is a very provocative site that includes a lot of useful sexual information combined with thoughtful research.

The introduction video expresses a philosophy of human sexuality that resonates with my own thoughts and feelings regarding relationships and the importance of sexual intimacy. Please take a look. I enjoyed watching her crack up through parts of it. Humor and sex is important too.

And, of course, her oral sex tips and techniques article is very well written too. You will enjoy her ideas. Take a look at the other articles on the site as well. With greater knowledge of our sexuality, we are more able to creatively explore shared pleasures with our partners.

Do you think you received enough sex education in school (not just the biology lessons)? What are your thoughts regarding how prepared people are going into a sexual relationship today?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Natural Foreplay Ideas

Great sex starts in your mind. What better way to keep the seeds of sexual desire flourishing than to stimulate it with various sources of erotic inspiration. Many beautiful and intriguingly erotic sights abound in nature. Consider the obvious resemblance of this flower and the succulent female erogenous zone - an aromatic, delicate blossom with silky smooth petals dewy and enticing. Let’s explore a few foreplay ideas using this flower for inspiration.

Passion Flower

Just like all the extraordinary varieties of flowers, a woman’s labia and vagina are unique to her in various and subtle ways. Take time to explore your lover’s genitals (or your own) to identify its unique characteristics throughout all the stages of arousal.

When aroused, the vaginal lips become engorged with blood. As her excitement and passion grows, she will blossom before your eyes. Take the time to observe the event as you delicately trace your fingers between her legs, inhale her scent and prepare to savor the sweet nectar within.

Bumblebee Buzz

Have you ever watched a bumble bee visiting flowers in search of nectar? Pretend your eager tongue is a bumblebee buzzing around your lover’s inner thighs, labia and clitoris. Your tongue flickers quickly as it explores all the petals searching for an opening. Probing and licking stimulates the flow of precious nectar. When she is ripe with desire, her blossom will open for your reward. Ultra lightly flick your tongue tip rapidly up, down and around her clitoris. Twirl your tongue around her clitoris while humming then slip it deep into her opening to taste her honey. Repeat until your queen bee is satisfied that every last drop has been sipped from this luscious flower.

For the really adventurous and tongue talented, consider flicking your tongue delicately over your lover’s clitoris to the beat of The Flight of the Bumblebee.

Clearing Some Bush

To fully appreciate certain types of flowers, careful pruning can help to reveal the true beauty of the blossom. Although not everyone is into shaving their pubic regions, trimming and shaping it can be very appealing. A nicely trimmed bush will showcase the labia - a sensual sight bound to stimulate mutual pleasure in many ways. Oral pleasuring may become a more frequent foreplay delight.

Shaving off your pubic hair can be very erotic. Shaving increases the sensitivity of the region. Oral activities become even more exquisitely sensual. If you are both shaved, slow, sensual intercourse is amazing. Gain emotional closeness and trust by shaving each other’s genitals.

Artistic Appreciation

Every woman wants to feel beautiful but many are self conscious about how their genitals look. Just as artists capture beauty all around us, show how attractive you find her by drawing, painting or photographing her special erogenous zone. Playfully create an erotic collection of close-up poses to admire. When using a digital camera, try different lighting and exposure settings - even black and white photos can look amazing. Pretend you are on a high end magazine photo shoot. An artistic eye can reveal subtle details and provide her with a new perspective of how you appreciate all her special features. Select a few especially charming pictures and transform them into elegant pieces of erotic art. Spend time to lavish them with loving care - make a few supremely sexy souvenirs that can be cherished together.

In Lick By Lick How to Go Down on a Woman And Have Her Begging For More, you will learn the delicious art of pleasuring your own passion flower. Male or female, learning how to naturally enjoy cunnilingus is essential knowledge and a skill that anyone can learn. Master the techniques of oral orgasms and gain a new perspective on the pleasure possibilities. Either way, this e-book will provide invaluable tips to enhance your loving skills.

What other foreplay ideas pop into your mind when you see the erotic image above? 

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Strippopoly – Swingers Game for Couples

Erotic-opoly or Sex-opoly seems like a natural adult extension to a very popular board game. If you are in a playful, frisky mood, you can whip out the game and slyly suggest a few twists to the rules. Almost everyone knows how to play the basic game and who can’t resist the lure of sex & money. Either alone with your lover or with a small group of intimate friends, an innocent board game can be transformed into a delicious game of stripping, foreplay, erotic dares and naughty surprises. Stimulating fun all around.

I have devised a number of erotic-opoly variations myself. But recently I discovered and purchased what I thought would be a great erotic game based on the popular game concept. Although Strippopoly is considered an adult party game, it did seem like it would be playable as a more intimate, foreplay style game for two. Nope – it definitely requires 2 or more couples to play. It does claim there are three levels of play so it can technically be played with touching between partners only or, for a “swinging good time”, with sexual touching among all players.

Hmmmm – what if you are comfortable talking and laughing about sex with close friends but are just not ready to strip down and perform in front of them (even if it is your secret fantasy)? A good naughty game might tempt people to reveal their sexually playful nature - in more ways than one. In the right situation and with just the right encouragement, you would be amazed what people will do to win a game. Even if you don’t all get stripped bare, you can still enjoy some frisky fun. Unfortunately, unless you are doing some serious drinking, Strippopoly does not have the right ingredients to spice up a non-swinger party.

That is, not without a few improvements. The basic Strippopoly game definitely has potential but it needs a few rule modifications and some enhancements to really bring it to life as both an intimate game for two and an erotic party game for more. Check out the full Strippopoly review and the Cyber SexOpoly transformation kit designed to make it even more fun. If you don’t have Strippopoly yet, check out the Frisky Business transformation kit for your regular board game.

If you already own a copy of Strippopoly, please let us know about some of your experiences playing it.