Saturday, October 4, 2008

Invest in Your Relationship

The markets are in turmoil, prices are sky rocketing, businesses are failing and jobs are being lost. These financial stress factors are causing a negative spiral that touches everything in our lives. Although we try to hide our worries, increased stress creates a tension between the people we love at a time when we need them the most. This is the time when you need to invest in your relationship.

When times are tough and getting rougher, couples are at risk of creating a divide between themselves. They unintentionally allow adverse situations to influence their feelings for each other. We tend to distance ourselves from people with a negative attitude. But, when we do this to our partners, it leads to subtle feelings of resentment, distrust, and blame (among others) that simmer and bubble into a toxic brew that eats away at your relationship. All these bad feelings can turn to depression, anger and even hatred toward the person you love. This can lead to separation, infidelity, divorce or worse. You need each other now more than ever. Provide each other mutual support to resist negative emotions. Work together as a team to build a life filled with an abundance of fun, love and happiness.

It is unfortunate, but, in a relationship plagued by external stress factors, emotional, sensual and sexual intimacy are the first to go (usually in that order). Lack of desire or even erectile dysfunction adds to the stress and tension. Sex of course is the best medicine - good loving sexual intimacy is healing in so many ways. Not only does it strengthen your emotional bonds, your body and brain chemistry are perked up as well. It brightens your mood and just makes you feel good. While an orgasm is the ultimate in stress release, all your moments of affectionate closeness and mutual pleasuring help you cope with the intense pressures of life.

So, rather than watching the news, turn off the television and focus on loving and pleasuring each other. Guard your happiness together like the treasure it is and invest in your relationship so that it prospers. Interest in each other is worth so much more than a bank can give you. As a couple, be aware of world events but remember that sensual intimacy together is more critical than ever for your relationship stability. The economy will work itself out so ensure your relationship weathers this financial storm.

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