Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Learn to Kiss Better Together

Daily idea for relationship questions to ask your partner:

How did you first learn to kiss and what else would you like to learn about kissing?

Most people don’t flat out tell you that you’re a lousy kisser until after your relationship ends if at all. Wouldn’t it be better if you could find out about the quality of your kissing before your relationship breaks down? You may not even realize you’re a lousy kisser or what you can do about it. But rather than directly asking your partner if you’re a good kisser or telling them they suck at kissing, ask intimate questions about how they learned to kiss and what else they would like to know about kissing. As you talk about your past kissing experiences and what you’ve learned, lead the conversation to how you can both learn to kiss better and stay together.

If you’re even a tiny bit worried about your ability to kiss well or would like to teach your partner how to kiss better, take a look at the Ultimate French Kissing Guide. Discover secrets of how to french kiss and make out with sensual passion. Keep the love and intimacy alive in your relationship.

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